Monday, April 22, 2013

Help! My Baby Came Without Instructions - Mother's Day Gift Guide 2013 - *Giveaway*

Help! My Baby Came Without Instructions by Blythe Lipman

About The Book:
Bringing home baby can be one of the scariest days in a new parent's life. A truly helpful how-to, Blythe Lipman's guide to caring for babies is the perfect resource for first-time parents who wish their new baby came with an instruction manual. Lipman has devoted her life to the gentle art of infant care and offers wise and witty practical advice in this parent-tested, expert-approved book. Filled with invaluable information new parents really need, Lipman includes plenty of true-life stories and guidance to help them through those first nerve-racking months. Help! My Baby Came Without Instructions will have nervous new moms and sleep-deprived dads feeling confident about their parenting skills. Hints on daily routines, sleep patterns, crying, the art and science of diapering, and traveling with a newborn are also provided.

My Thoughts:
This is a great book for new parents! I wish I had this book when I first got pregnant with Callan! It is lighthearted, but true, and the tips and advice are great! A great book for the new mom-to-be this Mother's Day!

About The Author:
An Infant Care Specialist, Blythe Lipman has worked with babies for over twenty years. She baby-sat at the young age of eleven and continued with her love for babies while she was in college. Blythe volunteered in the Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit in Boston’s Lying-In Hospital while attending Boston University. She continued doing child care for the next twenty years, working as the "CEO" (Lead Teacher) of many infant rooms in preschools through-out the country, setting them up and caring for the babies and their needs, ages three weeks to 12 months. She has worked extensively with new parents on an individual basis, as well as providing workshops and seminars through local organizations. She currently works with preschools to design and create innovative infant rooms that give babies the best experience, and trains infant room teachers to provide the best care for babies. Blythe lives in Scottsdale, Arizona and has two grown children.



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