Sunday, September 2, 2012

Summer's End

It hardly seems possible that the sunny days, beach sand and BBQ season is nearing its end. Yet the wind in Maine says it's true! I will miss the sand beneath my feet, the sun warming my skin - providing a free tan, and the smell of a BBQ on a hot summer day! This Texas girl will always love the sunshine and heat - the beauty of summer days. This will always be my favorite season. The Maine wife in me though has come to enjoy and look forward to the days of fall. It almost seems as though it is against everything that I am to say this, yet it is true. Life seems to slow down after the crazy days of summer, the coolness in the air is invigorating, the color found in the leaves - inspiring! Taking a moment to think about what our world would be like without the change of boring that would be! If we always had heat.....well I don't know that I would be unhappy, but I realize many more would hate it, than love it. Farmer's crops do not grow well, sunburns abound, and the greenery would be missed. If fall is all we knew.....the sunlight would be missed, the freshly cut grass would not be felt beneath our toes, the newness of floral life wouldn't be within our sight! Without winter's cold blistering wind and freshly fallen snow, snowmen and blades upon the ice....the warmth provided by a cup of hot chocolate would not be needed! Springs newness of life enlivens the soul and inspires the upcoming year! Each season brings its own joy.....and sadness too. With each new day, may we be ever grateful for the days gone by and the days ahead! Beauty lies within every season, every passing moment! So long beautiful summer!
Hello dear crisp fall!

About The Author: I am a stay at home, homeschooling, crunchy, Christian wife, and mother of two wonderful blessings. My hubby is a self employed fisherman, and a Mainah through and through, thus we live in Maine. You can find me blogging about faith, family and life experiences at Simply Helping Him.

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