Monday, September 3, 2012

Broken Women - God's Grace

Today I thought I would post a poem I wrote almost 20 years ago after spending a weekend retreat with the women in my then Sunday School class. This was a class of women only - some married, some not. What they all had in common was they were either married to a spouse who did not or would not attend church with them or they had been single for quite sometime praying for God’s choice for them. This retreat was a chance for me to get to know these women who had opened up their arms to me with much love. The evening program would consist of testimonials and when I heard some of them I saw how God had taken them from the deep pits of tragic painful lives to women who were seeking God with all their hearts - including myself. After I got home from that weekend I was compelled to write this poem.

God’s Grace
As I looked around the room at the many faces
I caught a glimpse of God’s many graces.
The events in their lives they all would tell
might sound like a movie made in hell.
It did not matter if they were young or old
they all shared some pain in their lives as told.
But how could they sit there and laugh in spite
of life’s hard knocks and awful bites?
The love of Jesus was in that place.
You could see His hands upon their face.
The love of Jesus had created a tie,
That all these women could not deny.
For it matters not how many the years.
And it matters not how many the tears.
God’s love enabled these women to survive.
For it’s by His grace they are alive.

Thanks to Hayley for allowing me to post this. - Charmaine Huey 

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