Sunday, August 12, 2012

Motorcycle Gear

Jason has been talking for years about getting a motorcycle. It's always been a dream of his. And I don't mind that, since I am the daughter of huge Harley-Davidson enthusiasts. Yeah, I'm a biker chick! *wink* I told him if he were to ride, he needs to look cool. So he told me to pick out some clothing and accessories for him.
 From head to toe, here is what I would pick for him:
For helmet, I would choose something like this Box BX-1 SAMURAI in Black. I think the design is awesome, and I like that it is a full-head helmet, with a lightly tinted face screen.
 Jacket: Oxford Bone Dry Jacket in Red. I like this jacket because it is longer, and it has full body coverage.
 Knee Guard: Shot 12 Anatomic Knee/Shin Guard Carbon. These might look a little robotic, but knee and shin guards are highly important. I can't tell you how many times I've been hit in the leg with a rock from the road. It hurts, very bad!
Gloves: Alpinestars Sp-2 Sport Gloves in Red. I like these specifically because they are longer, and guard more of the wrist area. I also like the extra coverage for the fingers and knuckles.
 And last but not least - boots: Sidi ST Gore Black. These also may look a little robotic, but they are hardcore, and offer amazing protection. Protection while riding is the most important!

I found these items all at Motorcycle Hut. They specialize in high quality motorcycle accessories and equipment from some of the leading manufacturers including Shark and TCX.

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