Tuesday, July 3, 2012


SkinFix has award winning products, made the old fashion way without fillers, sulphates, parabens, PEG's, Gluten, nuts, lanolin, added fragrance or color. No animal testing. All of life's journey. Babies to long term care, nursing discomfort, feminine itch, acne, diabetics, psoriasis, eczema, Tattoos, jock itch, Rosacea and more.
I received some great products to try out. Skinfix Body Repair Paste is an all-in-one skin cream used with confidence for generations on any part of the body from head to toe and everywhere in between. •Soothes •Softens skin •Moisturizes/hydrates/lubricates •Promotes elasticity •Provides a barrier against the abuse of the elements •Relieves itching due to dry skin •Moisturizes the skin so that complexion looks radiant and revitalized •Smoothes wrinkles •Tones skin by moisturizing •Replenishes the skin's moisture barrier •Skin brightening/radiance •Dry skin therapy •Energizes/revitalizes scalp •Warms skin. This formula contains Zinc oxide (skins natural healer), botanical extracts, shea butter and Vitamin E (naturally found in plant leaves) to enrich the skin and repel environmental aggressors. Try Skinfix First. Skinfix will fix it! I liked this product a lot. I have been having severly dry hands lately, and I put this on at bedtime, and in the morning - and the rest of the day - my hands were soft, and looked great!

Skinfix Efflorescence Paste Skinfix is an emollient barrier trusted for generations to keep wetness away. •Replenishes the skin's moisture barrier for those who are confined, require home care or residential care to enrich the skin and repel environmental aggressors. •Relieves itching due to dry skin •Moisturizes/hydrates/lubricates •Promotes elasticity •Moisturizes to relieve vaginal/personal dryness. Will not stain garments or skin. Its soft creamy consistency makes application and removal effortless on thin delicate skin.
Skinfix Lip Repair Balm conditions lips, moisturizes, adds shine, and hydrates. •Soothes •Softens lips •Moisturizes/hydrates •Replenishes the skin's moisture barrier •Formula contains shea butter, organic coconut oil, pure jojoba oil and vitamin E. This is a great product - it really helps against sun chapped lips!!!

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I received products from SkinFix in exchange for a review on my blog. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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