Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Fun Without Dick And Jane

Fun Without Dick And Jane by Christie Mellor

About The Book:
From Christie Mellor, the best-selling author of The Three-Martini Playdate, comes this hilarious (and helpful) guide to recovering from getting those little angels into college and out of the house. Filled with unapologetically funny yet entirely sympathetic advice, Mellor answers important questions (Is $200 an hour too much to spend for exam tutoring? Is moving to an apartment near campus ever an option?) and offers wise counsel on saying good-bye, getting kids to stay in touch (without begging), and coping when they come home to roost (which they will - for holidays, summer break, and possibly for years after graduation). Best of all, she inspires empty nesters to embrace their new found freedom and enjoy their lives to the full.

My Thoughts:
I am long from being an empty-nester, with Callan only being 4 years old. But 4 going on 14, I swear! But I found this book uproariously funny and witty. It reminds in some parts of my family. My parents being the empty-nesters, and us 5 kids coming home to roost - over the holidays. The first chapter on that part of the book is aptly titled Nails On A Chalkboard. This book will have you laughing out loud, even if you're not an empty-nester! The graphics throughout the book only add to its delightful kitchy-ness!

About The Author:
While pursuing a happy life that includes an interesting husband, two almost-always pleasant children, and a neurotic duck, Christie became a vociferous cheerleader for the "other kind of parenthood," the anti-perfection, you-deserve-a-life kind. Her first book, "The Three-Martini Play date," was a harbinger of a new trend for today's beleaguered parents, helping them to withstand the unceasing and overbearing good advice and pressure to raise perfect, highly enriched offspring,. She continued the thread with "The Three-Martini Family Vacation." Christie also likes to draw, and does so repeatedly throughout the pages of "Raised by Wolves: Clues to the Mysteries of Adulthood," out in paperback in the spring of 2010, a book designed for the adult child whose parents did not read "The Three Martini Playdate." Christie's rants have been published in Britain in The Guardian, Junior Magazine, and the Sunday Express, and in Australia's Sunday Life Magazine, and she's been heard on Britain's BBC radio and American Public Radio's Marketplace, in addition to being reviewed and interviewed in Newsweek, Playboy, The New York Times, People, and other publications. "You Look Fine, Really" from HarperCollins in the spring of 2010. It's for the ladies. The gals. The women. Specifically women over the age of 40. And yet, it's totally girly! Christie is very excited about this one.

I received a complimentary review copy of this book from Newman PR. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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