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Stress Pandemic Blog Tour *Giveaway*

Stress Pandemic by Paul Huljich

About The Book:
Doctor after doctor told Paul Huljich there was no way back from his nervous breakdown, and that a relapse of his severe stress and lifestyle-related illness was inevitable. He nevertheless achieved the improbable and found a way to cure himself – a nine-step lifestyle solution he shares with the public in his new book Stress Pandemic. “Through trial and error, through research into all facets of health, and through interviewing and speaking with whomever I could find to talk to about health, I began to develop processes to rebuild myself,” Huljich writes in the self-help book. Starting with 30 days straight, Huljich reprogrammed his body by kicking old habits and replacing them with his nine natural steps to wellness. Instead of binge eating, he was juicing. Instead of working nonstop, he made time for daily affirmations and learned to say “no.” He was eating right, exercising, putting himself first and taking back control of his own life. Huljich outlines his practical and effective approach to beating stress and achieving complete wellness in Stress Pandemic. Written for the growing number of people who wish to free themselves of mild, moderate or severe stress, the book also addresses the underlying habits and tendencies that cause stress. Readers who learn and follow Huljich’s uniquely powerful and integrated approach can live stress-free, in a natural and holistic way. Survive the Stress Pandemic with Paul Huljich’s 9 Natural Steps to Wellness:
1. Take charge
2. Kick your bad habits
3. Learn to say no
4. Affirmations
5. Exercise
6. Nutrition
7. Sleep
8. The Power of Awareness
9. Don’t give up

My Thoughts:
I've had my fair share of stress and anxiety. I've come up with my own ways to combat my stress. But this book is very helpful, and opens you up to new ideas. Such simple things it seems, but why have we never tried them? I like the review points and the questions to ask yourself after each chapter. It is a good reference book. Read it a lot, read it a little. You will still find it beneficial.

About The Author:
Paul Huljich was born in Auckland, New Zealand. A university dropout, he co-founded Best Corporation, a natural foods company of which he was Chairman and Joint-CEO. Pioneering organic foods, Best Corporation was listed on the New Zealand stock exchange in December 1991 and was then purchased by a multinational corporation two-and- a-half years later. In 1998, Huljich was diagnosed by psychiatrists as suffering from bipolar disorder, also known as manic depression, as a result of years of unchecked stress. That year, he experienced a full mental breakdown, losing his rights as a citizen and being made a ward of the state. Informed that there was no cure, that he would eventually relapse, and that he would be dependent on medication for the rest of his life, Huljich traveled to the world-renowned Mayo Clinic in Minnesota for treatment and later admitted himself to the Menninger Clinic in Kansas to more fully understand and address his condition. Aided by research and his background in organic foods, Huljich developed an overall wellness plan, known as the Nine Natural Steps, leading him to end his dependence on medication, cure himself of bipolar disorder and find true peace of mind. Since the year 2000, Huljich has not taken any psychotropic or psychiatric medication, or any medication related to mental illness. Nor has he suffered any relapse of depression or manic depression, or received further treatment from any psychiatrist, therapist, or doctor regarding mental illness. He has never felt better. Paul is the father of three sons. Huljich has set up generous donation plans to get the book into the hands of people struggling with various forms of stress, including those who have also suffered the health-effects of prolonged periods of stress. For details on his efforts, and more information on the book, visit

Buy this book July 2nd at Stress Pandemic on Amazon.

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Giveaway ends July 11th. Good luck!

I received a complimentary review copy of this book from JKS Communications. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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