Sunday, June 17, 2012

Going On A Snipe Hunt

Have you ever been on Snipe Hunt? I have, and it is a total blast! A tradition passed down through the generations, the Snipe Hunt originated as a tall tale told by parents and teens to younger children. Inexperienced campers are told about a bird or animal called the Snipe and the usually preposterous method of catching it, such as running around the woods carrying a bag or making strange noises such as banging rocks together. As children set off in search of the Snipe, their elders take in the antics and try to contain their laughter.

I got to check out the new up and coming game Snipe Hunt from Education Outdoors! The Snipe Hunt game can be played with two people, two teams or special single seeker play, and incorporate both indoor/outdoor activity and good old fashion fun. The object of Snipe is to be the first team/person to find the other teams/persons snipe and return it to its nest. After the players have hidden their snipe the other player will try to find it. After a period of time, if the Snipes have not been discovered, they will chirp and then their eyes will light up. Each game comes with two snipes, (named Biela and Smartin) and a Snipe nest. The packaging tells the story behind the legendary campfire animals.

This game is really a lot of fun. I've played it before with friends at get-togethers and BBQs. But this summer we are camping with a lot of family for a week, and I plan on taking the game along, and letting the kids play. I also think it will be awesome to get the adults together and have an adults only game! It'll be a lot of fun!

I received a product from Education Outdoors and Asylum PR in exchange for a review on my blog. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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