Monday, May 14, 2012

Hair Care for Summer

Long sunny days are almost here again. While sun beams can do wonders to lift your spirits, they can also be damaging to your hair. Here are a few ways to keep your hair looking healthy and shiny throughout the summer and into the winter months.

1. Use a heat protectant. You can by heat protectants in most drugstores. You simply just spritz it on after your shower and go. Make sure you use it if you are going to blow dry or use any other heating tool on your hair.

2. Use hot tools rarely. Try to avoid putting anymore heat on your hair than is necessary. Let your hair air dry and keep styling to a minimum. Check out videos for how to curl your hair online. There are many ways to do it including tutorials using things like socks and headbands.

3. Don’t shampoo every day. Shampooing strips the hair of its natural oils and dries it out. Try to shampoo only every other day and use a dry shampoo when you need to. If you are covering up greasy roots, simply sprinkle on some baby powder and brush through the ends.

4. Wear a hat or a scarf. One of the simplest ways to protect your hair from the sun is to cover it up. Keep your hair safe and your outfits stylish and play with different hats. Hats can also come in handy for bad hair days.

5. Condition regularly. Each time you wash your hair, be sure to follow it up with a good conditioner. This will help your hair retain essential moisture. Use a leave-in conditioner with an SPF when you plan to be out in the sun a lot.

6. Get your hair wet before entering the pool or the ocean. Salt and chlorine are damaging to hair so protect it by giving it a good soak before you enter harmful waters. Hair can only absorb so much water so by getting it soaking wet before, it won’t soak in any of the chemicals or salt.

7. Use a clarifying shampoo after swimming. This will help to get all of the chlorine and salt out of your hair, preventing further damage.

8. Rinse your hair with cold water. Finish off your shower with a blast of cold water. It will close the cuticle of your hair and leave it shiny and soft.

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