Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Fashion in the Summer

Fashion can be a hard thing to follow since it changes so often! By staying close to the norm and throwing in a few extra colors here and there, you’re sure to hit your mark. If you prefer not to be too adventurous with colors, adding accessories will definitely do the trick. Men’s fashion is considered fairly cheap, depending on where you choose to shop. During the summer, men’s fashion typically consists of khaki board shorts and brightly colored button down-collared shirts. Sandals go well to accommodate these types of outfits. Colors among men will generally range from blues, oranges, many shades of green, and yellow. Many men prefer not to wear board shorts, and in this case, a pair of regular khaki shorts would be just fine and perfectly acceptable.

Women typically love to wear summer dresses, tank tops, or spaghetti straps due to the hot temperatures. Floral-type designs are excellent for women’s summer wear. Flip flops will forever remain in style with summer dresses. Women can also wear tank tops with any style of shorts as well. Depending on where she is at, a woman can even wear a bikini top or swimsuit with a wrap-around bottom, or skirt. The colors that women should wear during the spring and summer should be Cockatoo (light blue), Bellflower (a purple color), Tangerine Tango (orange), Cabaret (bright pink), and Margarita (light green). Yellow is even a great color. Bright colors are always in when it comes to women’s fashion style and sense. Children have excellent options when it comes to style because there is such a wide variety.

Children typically wear tank tops or sleeveless tops with cute shorts and flip flops. Little boys can wear short sleeved Polo-type shirts. Colors that boys should consider wearing include bright green or light blue. Girls can stick with pink and yellow of varying shades and designs. Flip flops are acceptable for girls and boys and can be found in many styles, colors, and sizes, including baby wear.

Summer wear is intended to be fashionable, yet comfortable. There are many options for styles and colors, but they are all loose-fitting and are typically made of light materials. The key to summer dressing is to be comfortable and fashionable at the same time. If you feel like you may be over-dressed, then you probably are. Keep it casual! You never know, you may even set your own fashion trend!

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