Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Customized Trollbeads

Looking for the perfect gift for a loved one is not that easy, and can be practically impossible for some people. However if that same person loves both jewellery and creativity, Trollbeads will make the perfect gift for them. Trollbeads started out as Lisa Aagaard's concept and family business thirty-five years ago in Copenhagen, Denmark. Since then Trollbeads have been used to create beautiful custom jewellery for everyone. These Trollbeads are generally higher end versions of the beads that you may have used when you were young to create your own jewellery. Unique beads to create unique jewellery The bead designs on these beads have been designed by internationally known jewellery designers and are actually unique to the Trollbeads Company. These Trollbeads can be used to create customized jewellery, and the company sells everything required to create custom jewellery like leather bands and metal chains for the beads, the beads, locks, clasps and even rings and earrings that match the created customized jewellery. Durable enough to last a lifetime.

Today, practically every fashionable and stylish girl wears Trollbeads jewellery. The specialty of these beads is that they represent fairy tales, mythology, inspiration and astrology. So versatile is this jewellery style that anyone feels great receiving it, and will definitely wear it for years to come. As the Trollbeads jewellery material is really durable, they can be worn a lifetime. The raw materials used in making these beads include natural pearls, 18 carat gold, semi-precious stones, Italian Moreno glass and sometimes even diamonds. The cost of Trollbeads jewellery depends on the person who crafts it. It is up to you to make it look, and cost as expensive as you wish, or you can also make it as simple but elegant as you wish.

How the different beads are created? The silver and 18 carat gold beads are created using the lost-wax casting method. This technique is quite rare today, but the benefit of the technique is that it makes it possible to reproduce fine details from wax to precious metals. The glass Trollbeads are made by hand using the Wound Glass method in open flame. Some beads are created by combining metals and Swarovski crystals with the glass. In fact, the concept of silver core glass beads was started by Trollbeads, where a glass bead is created on silver or gold chain without doing any damage to the chain. Trollbeads is one form of jewellery that permits incorporation of personalized engraving into a design. Lisa Aagaard was responsible for developing the innovative removable lock that can be easily removed from the chain without any tools, to add and remove charms as you please.

So if you are looking for something special to gift your special person, a completely customized gift from Trollbeads Company will definitely fit the bill. With so many bead and chain combinations available, there will definitely be something that catches your attention. Moreover, as these Trollbeads are customizable even after its purchase, if the person doesn't like the beads you gift them, they can just buy more beads and arrange them as they like. 

This post was provided by Mark Barry.

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