Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mom Told Me

My mother always told me not to work too hard, but I don’t think mom ever counted on this. She’s a great woman, but I don’t think she knew what the pressure of being a businesswoman and a mom, as well as a wife and member of all kinds of clubs, would do to a woman - it’s a lot of pressure keeping up with the Joneses these days. I’ve got so many responsibilities from answering my boss’s late night emails on my Hughesnet in San Juan Bautista to taking the kids to and from all their practices to preparing meals for everyone – things they like to eat that taste great. I really don’t know where some women find the time, because I feel like I don’t have one minute to myself and I’m not even the busiest mom that I know. I’ve only got 2 kids – what about Sally down the street who has 5 – how in the world does she juggle it all? My mom would have marveled at that woman.

This guest post from Lenny Mcknight

ToiletTree Deluxe Fogless Shower Mirror

"ToiletTree Products is a company located in Nyack, NY. Our main focus is on bathroom acessories. We launched our first product, The Original Fogless Shower Mirror, in June of 2010. Look for the release of more new products in the up coming months!"

We got to try the new super cool Deluxe Fogless Shower Mirror!
ToiletTree Products has taken their Original Fogless Shower Mirror and turned it into a "Deluxe Version". This transformed mirror is now 20% larger than the Original Fogless Shower Mirror. The entire outside of the mirror is illuminated by LED lights. Look your best by taking care of your face in your shower. This patented mirror is guaranteed not to fog in the shower. No more suction cups falling off the wall! Our removable, soft silicone adhesive secures the mirror to all shower surfaces and will not damage tiles or shower walls! The mirror conveniently detaches from the bracket so you can easily fill the reservoir before each use. An included self-stored squeegee removes any excess water from the front of your mirror. An adjustable frame makes the mirror accommodating for multiple users and angles. The combination of heat and moisture open the pores and creates an ideal environment for shaving, exfoliating, tweezing and cleaning. 

I love to be able to wash my face in the shower, and now that I can see what I am doing, it is awesome! Check out ToiletTree on Facebook, as well as ToiletTree on Twitter.

I recieved a product from ToiletTree in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Klutz Kids Books

"Klutz creates activity books and other great stuff for kids ages 3 to 103. We began our corporate life in 1977 in a garage we shared with a Chevrolet Impala. Although we’ve outgrown that first office, Klutz Galactic Headquarters remains in Palo Alto, California, and we’re still staffed entirely by real human beings."

Callan got to try some really great books from Klutz! ALL books by Klutz are great in my opinion, and these ones we got are very cool.

This book is a complete how-to-draw package, jammed with expert tips and techniques, tons of practice space, and of course, a universe of DC heroes and villains. The draw-right-in-it book comes with everything you need: a sketching pencil, a drawing marker, artist’s pencils in six colors, a big block eraser to fight crimes against the page, stencils, and translucent overlays scattered throughout for can’t-fail tracing activities.

Invasion of the Bristlebots comes with two mini-robots - basically motorized toothbrush heads. These guys zoom around like caffeinated cockroaches, spinning, skittering, and bouncing off walls. Resistance is futile. The book bristles with ideas for robot games and activities: race robots against each other, use the included punch-out walls to construct a bristlebot maze, stage a robot sumo-wrestling match. You can even customize your Bots with the provided wire legs, feelers, and beady eyes.

Whether you're exploring the Amazon or navigating school, it's a jungle out there. Learn how to unleash an ancient curse to protect your bedroom from intruders, test your decision-making reflexes with an interactive wilderness adventure, shrink a head (or an apple), make a mummy that will last for eternity, and more. It's everything you need to conquer the Amazon, or middle school, and live to tell the tale.

I received products from Klutz and Scholastic in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Popcorn, Indiana Chip'ins!

The Super Bowl is coming up on February 5th, so as you are planning your parties, why not think of healthier and yummier snack options? Try the hybrid snack - Popcorn Chips called Chip'ins by Popcorn, Indiana. They've combined the flavor of popcorn with the crunch of a chip! Awesome!

I got to try two flavors: Sea Salt, and Jalapeno Ranch!
Sea Salt Chip'ins
Here is the chip'ins for Purists. The main ingredients: Corn, sea salt, and air. While we couldn’t park a farm right next to the ocean (though that would be pretty sweet), we were able to create the next best thing: Sea Salt chip'ins, the perfect, all natural triumvirate of taste, purity and crunch. Who needs potato chips when you can have chip'ins? Enjoy, and Munch Better.
Jalapeno Ranch Chip'ins
As ideas go, combining outgoing jalapeƱo with laid-back ranch is right up there with putting wheels on luggage; it’s something so simple, yet so brilliant, that it makes you wonder why no one thought of it before. If you like your chips on the crunchy, spicy and smooth side, these babies will take care of your needs. So throw out those boring potato chips and open up a bag of Jalapeno Ranch chip'ins today. Enjoy, and Munch Better.

So instead of Doritos or Tostitos and potato chips, serve Chip'ins! Check it all out at Popcorn, Indiana on Facebook as well as Popcorn, Indiana on Twitter!

I received products from Behrman Communications and Popcorn, Indiana in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Family Matrix Custom Designs

Share your memories with unique family t-shirts, sweatshirts or personalized drinking mugs that proudly displays the names of everyone in your family. Creating personalized family gifts is easy and fun for kids, parents and grandparents alike. Unique family gifts are perfect for any occasion or family member!

With just a few clicks of your computer you can create a one of a kind "crossword" style design that shows the names of your entire family. A personalize message can also be placed below the design.

Great for group events such as cheerleading and sports teams, club associations, church fellowships and corporate team building. The possibilities are endless!

What about a coffee mug to your secretary for Secretaries Day, which is April 25th? High quality ceramic mug provides a gift for any occasion. Available in single quantities and up. Mugs available in only white and can be printed in up to three ink colors with no additional charge.

Check it all out at Family Matrix online.

Macaroni Monday - Chinese New Year

The Chinese New Year, or Spring Festival, is observed for two weeks. The timing varies based on the changes in the track of the new moon, but it generally begins in late January or early February. In the year 2012, the Chinese New Year begins on January 23rd. The New Year's Festival will be celebrated from midnight of January 22nd (Chinese New Year's Eve) to February 6th (Lantern Festival).

Based on the Chinese zodiac calendar, 2012 is the year of the dragon. The dragon is the 5th sign of the Chinese zodiac. The dragon is considered to be a symbol of power, success, happiness, and good luck. People born in the year of the dragon are said to be self-assured, passionate, brave, generous, smart, and witty. However, they are also considered to be egotistical and bossy.

The color red, thought to keep evil spirits at bay, is popular during the Chinese New Year Festival. Citizens often wear the color red. In addition, red banners are posted in the cities. Elder family members often offer gifts of money to younger members. Likewise, married couples may offer monetary gifts to single persons. These gifts are offered in small red and gold envelopes called "Lai See". The envelopes are usually filled with small denomination bills (not coins) and it is considered a special show of "extra thoughtfulness" to use only new bills.

Symbolic decorating traditions of the Chinese New Year include decorating the house with plum blossoms, bamboo, and pine; making a "tray of togetherness" filled with candies and sweet treats, such as candied melon, cumquat, red melon seed, lotus seed, peanuts, and coconut; the use of animals to adorn the walls (particularly animals that represent the zodiac sign, thus the dragon would be a prominent adornment in 2012); the use of Chinese lanterns, especially in bright red and golden paper, for decorating ceilings; and the use of red tablecloths and gold napkins for the table setting.

During the first five days of the Chinese New Year Festival, Chinese natives greet each other with "Guo Nian Hao," which means "Happy New Year." People may wish one another Happy New Year by exchanging "good words," sending greeting cards or e-cards, forwarding Chinese New Year "wallpaper," etc. The government wishes its citizens a Happy New Year with fireworks. As mentioned above, it is also common for cities to hang red banners in honor of the New Year.

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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Is That A Picasso On Your Fridge?

Is That A Picasso On Your Fridge by Dan Consiglio

About The Book:
Kids create them. Parents submit them. An art critic reviews them. And don’t think for one second he doesn’t know exactly what he’s talking about! With characteristically overblown, egotistical, WTF critiques, this book hilariously deconstructs works of children’s art as if they were the newest installations at a modern art museum. Age can’t constrain greatness. Mozart composed at five. Picasso was painting at seven. If one doubts that young children reveal signs of genius every time they touch crayon to paper, just ask any parent about the artwork on their refrigerator door. But regular people don’t understand “art,” so it is impossible for them to see the difference between the work of an idiot savant and a kid who's just an idiot. In this book with its 60 color images of real kids’ artwork, New York art critic Dan Consiglio separates the wheat from the chaff in the field of children’s art.

My Thoughts:
This is a comedy book, so people should not take it too seriously. But it is fun to read, and to look at all the works of art that different kids have made. Callan got a hold of this book, and he said "Mama, can I take this to school to tell Miss Michelle what pictures we should draw?" Um....no. It is a really cute gift book, maybe for new parents, or that one mom in your social group who thinks her kids is "It".

About The Author:
Dan Consiglio writes for a living and a hobby. By day, he creates commercials, print ad, Web sites, and more for brands large and small. Outside of work, Dan has written and directed a feature-length film, which received nice acclaim. But mainly Dan is a dad. And as a storyteller, Dan loves to share the hilarious highs and lows of parenthood to any and all who will listen. But seriously, he's not that annoying.

I received a complimentary review copy of this book from Ulysses Press. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Young Me, Now Me

Young Me, Now Me by Ze Frank

About The Book:
Open to any page in Young Me, Now Me and you’ll see a cherished childhood snapshot alongside a brilliant reproduction taken decades later. Nothing is overlooked in these amazing photo pairs - family members have been rounded up in the same spot in the old backyard, special clothes have been sewn to match kiddie outfits, poses and facial expressions are perfectly replicated, and, if needed, spaghetti sauce is smeared from cheek to cheek to imitate the explosive lunchtime of a happy baby. While these efforts at accuracy are impressive and often hilarious, the amazing thing is what people didn’t do - change. No matter how many years passed between the old and new photos, you can still see that same curve of the smile, angle of the face and look in the eyes. Here is the thread connecting years ago to now. Also included are charming anecdotes that tell the surprising, intriguing and heartwarming back stories of the individuals who re-created these strange and wonderful pictures.

My Thoughts:
This is a really neat little photo book. It is fun to see how people recreated old images and memories, and I like the stories that go along with the photos. Some of the photos are a bit creepy - grown men in underwear....but it is artistic and very creative.

About The Author:
Ze Frank is a cewebrity, comedian, and entrepreneur. His website, zefrank.com, has more people visiting each month than the number of tears you will shed in your entire lifetime. He lives in Los Angeles, CA and recently launched star.me, the happiest place on the web.

Buy this book at Young Me, Now Me on Amazon.

I was sent a complimentary review copy of this book from Ulysses Press. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Memorial Trees

Gifts do not have to conform to the stand materialistic nature of modern gifts. Why does everything have to be throwaway in this society. I want a gift that is sustainable, that is eco friendly and that can give something back to society, back to nature and the environment. One that has always struck me as a apt is a Memorial Tree Gifts, a wonderful expression of a memorial. A memorial Tree is a gift that lives on in the place that it is planted, in memory of the loved one and as a gift that keeps us focused on the future. It represents a connection to earth, the tree gift that is representing the departed loved one.

There are several options that you can pick when you are planning a Memorial Tree gift idea. There are business that will plant a memorial tree gift on land that they own and this can be done in America, Ireland or Israel. So all needs are catered for. There are also businesses that will send you a memorial tree as a gift, delivered to your home, so that it can be planted in the back garden or in a public park. It is best that you ask the council can you plant the gift in the park, they usually sign off on it, where I am from. Who does not like Trees in the Park?

There are also nice ideas such as taking a cutting off an old tree and planting it. If your loved one had a favourite tree in a park or a certain place, why not check out if it is able to grow from a cutting. In Washington, Jackson planted a tree from his plantation on the White House Lawn. A magnolia tree taken from a cutting on his farm and planted in memory of his wife. Now that would be a great memorial gift, a tree that can be associated with many people, many places but still all one.

I hope that this article has made you think about a memorial gift, what they can be, that something that is natural and beautiful will always be better than artificial. Go for a Memorial Tree gift, make a difference, make a positive contribution to the environment.

By Tom Stateler

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Adore Me

Discover your private lingerie showroom! Adore Me is a monthly, online style society that works with a team of designers to provide a personalized selection of sexy, trendy, and comfortable intimates each month. They offer bras, panties, boy shorts, stockings, leggings, chemises, baby doll, and more! Membership is just $39.95 per month and includes the designers’ services, the item of your choice, free shipping and free exchange! And if you don't want to buy anything this month, just skip it and they'll have a new showroom for you soon!

From my personalized January Collection, I chose the Brooke Babydoll.
The gorgeous built in bra structure of this babydoll gives support and lift to your bust, while the flowing skirt relaxes over the curves of your body. Nothing pairs your need for a non-fitted, comfortable chemise with your lovers desire for a structured bra that gives emphasis to your bust, like this lovely babydoll. ~Push-up demi cups ~Hot pink detailing across cup and bow at centerfront ~Completely adjustable straps ~Back closure for bra structure ~Matching string thong ~100% Nylon

Check it all out at Adore Me on Facebook as well as Adore Me on Twitter.

I received a product from Adore Me in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Green Works Cleaners

"Green Works products started as a visionary idea among a handful of enthusiasts at The Clorox Company. This small group of employees wanted to know if it would be possible to create a line of cleaning products that were derived from natural ingredients and still effective at cleaning. The inspired result was the creation of Green Works, a line of cleaning products that are at least 95 percent naturally derived. The idea hit home with millions of people. Today, Green Works products are a best-selling line of natural cleaning products. Green Works products are not tested on animals."
Unfortunately, the post-holiday New Year's clean is inevitable – but choosing a naturally derived, yet affordable option for your cleaning products makes a big difference. Green Works products are formulated using plant and mineral-based biodegradable cleaning ingredients, packaged in bottles that can be recycled and never tested on animals. Experience the difference Green Works can make this New Year.

Holiday waste adds up to an additional one million tons of waste each year. Green Works Cleaning Wipes are 100% compostable, so you can clean up after your guests from the holidays, or after your kids, and feel good while you’re at it!
Powerful cleaning in the convenience of a wipe. Finally, a quick and easy way to wipe away what sticky little hands leave behind. These natural cleaning wipes pack some serious cleaning power and are made with naturally derived ingredients, such as citric acid and wood fibers. That means they won’t leave behind harsh chemical residue - and you can throw them in the green bin when you’re done! Safe for most non-wood surfaces, including acrylic, fiberglass and vinyl.

Family members can leave their mark all over the house and in a variety of places. Green Works All Purpose Cleaner is safe to use on multiple surfaces throughout the kitchen and bathroom, including counters, appliances, stainless steel, sealed granite, chrome, cook top hoods, sinks and toilets.
Finally, a cleaner that does it all - just like mom! From the cooktop to the counter-top, this natural all-purpose cleaner powers through grease, grime and dirt. It’s dermatologist-tested and at least 97% naturally derived, so you can rest easy knowing that it won’t leave behind harsh chemical fumes or residue. Safe to use on multiple surfaces throughout the kitchen and bathroom, including counters, appliances, stainless steel, sealed granite, chrome, cooktop hoods, sinks and toilets.

Laundry piled high from your accident prone cuties and spills? Get green and clean this season with naturally derived Green Works Laundry Detergent. The dermatologist-tested formula is gentle on skin and formulated for both standard and high-efficiency washers, so you can be sure that your laundry will be fresh and clean….load, after load, after load.
Introducing clean clothes done naturally. If you’re a mom, you probably have a giant pile of laundry with your name on it. Make it disappear with natural laundry detergent! It’s tough on dirt and stains - and dermatologist-tested for sensitive skin. A powerful combination of naturally derived cleaning ingredients will leave your clothes, towels and linens fresh and clean - without phosphates, optical brighteners or harsh chemical residue.

The bathroom is bound to get a few uses everyday with a full house. Keep it fresh with Green Works Bathroom Cleaner, a non-toxic way to power through soap scum, rust and hard water stains - without harsh chemical fumes and residue.
Tough on soap scum, gentle around your family. Whether it’s your sanctuary - or your kid’s romper room - you want the bathroom sparkling clean at all times. Our natural bathroom cleaner is made with plant and mineral-based cleaning ingredients that power through soap scum, rust and hard water stains - without harsh chemical fumes and residue. Works great on bathroom counters, sinks, bathtubs, tile and shower doors.

Check it all out at Green Works on Facebook!

I received products from Green Works in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Neuro is a proud sponsor of the DigiTour

The second annual DigiTour national tour is coming to a city near you!

Neuro is a proud sponsor of the DigiTour which is a large-scale music tour featuring some of the Internet’s most popular musicians and personalities including Dave Days, DeStorm, Ricky Ficarelli, Alex Goot, Asher Monroe, Nice Peter, and The Key of Awesome, who have a combined two billion views and 10 million subscribed fans.

The tour will be stopping in 17 major cities across the U.S. and each venue will feature a top YouTube star from each region as the opener.

Neuro is so excited to be a part of this year’s tour, that the drink company is offering a chance to win the ultimate 2012 DigiTour VIP Experience which includes roundtrip airfare for two from any of the 50 United States; Two-night stay in a luxury hotel; Car service to and from the airport; and Two VIP passes to the tech rehearsal, kickoff show and after-party of the 2012 DigiTour held in Los Angeles.

Consumers can enter by going to http://www.facebook.com/DrinkNeuro and filling out the entry form.

Neuro is available in your local 7-Eleven & Walgreens.

Friday, January 27, 2012

The Star Trilogy *Giveaway*

The Star Trilogy by Donald Samson

The Dragon Boy - Book One
Orphaned twice by the time he was nine, he was living on the streets and did not even know his own name. He was not allowed to set foot in the one place he was determined to find work. To complete the disaster of his young life, he was in love. The object of his affections was Star, an immense, emerald-green dragon. But here good fortune finally smiled upon him: Star was a Luck Dragon. Suddenly he was admitted as a barn boy into the elite Dragon Compound. He was given three warm meals a day, work, and even a name. And best of all, Star took him on as his own secret apprentice. 

The Dragon Of Two Hearts - Book Two
The curse of the wild dragon, Scorch, lies heavy upon the land of Gladur Nock. Scorch holds the people hostage to his ravenous and bloody demands. Michael, who has wandered for years as a knight errant, hears of the dragon’s bane and realizes that the Luck Dragon Star had trained him for this moment. Full of foreboding he rides to their aid. However, before the knight can reach the kingdom he is ambushed and imprisoned in the dungeons of the very king he wanted to help. He becomes part of a forced training of arms camp. Most of the other men in the dungeons will be absorbed into the king’s army. The best warriors, however, receive further training to prepare them to fight the dragon. Oddly, King Worrah is in no hurry to free the land from the dragon’s curse. The actions of the princess Aina are even more bewildering. She is a fierce warrior-maiden who oversees the men who will inevitably die in single combat with the dreaded dragon. With whom can Michael align himself? The only way out of prison is to step forward as the next victim to go face Scorch. 

The Dragon, The Blade, And The Thread - Book Three
Frustrated by his father's expectations to follow in his footsteps, Prince Corin prefers sewing to sword fighting. His Cousin Elinor has the eagerness for skills at arms which he lacks and, by a stroke of luck, uncoverrs a plot to overthrow the crown. Both cousins are befriended by a marketplace magician, whom the queen suspects is a master of the black arts and the cause of their Luck Dragon's baffling illness. When their lives and the desitiny of the kingdom are at stake, Corin must choose either to trust this mysterious old man or heed the warnings of his parents.

My Thoughts On The Trilogy:
This is a very well written trilogy! I flew through the three books, because I enjoyed them so much. These will be great books to read to Callan when he is older, or for him to read as chapter books. The author is very descriptive, and he creates the characters and scenes very well. This was such an enjoyable series to read. Also, as a fantasy book, this is very kid-friendly, and nothing is too wild or "religious". It would appeal to all families and children!

About The Author:
I have been a teacher since 1990 working in the Waldorf school system. In the Waldorf schools, teachers have the opportunity to accompany a group of children through their elementary and middle school years, grades one through eight. Part of my role as teacher is to be a storyteller. Nearly every morning, I tell the children a story that relates to the subject we are studying. In first grade it may be a fairy tale. In eighth grade it may be the biography of Thomas Edison. Every day, a new story to meet the souls of the children and fill them with powerful imaginations.

One extremely lucky reader will win a set of these books! Here's how:

1. Follow this blog via GFC, the newsletter, or Networked Blogs.
4. Promote this giveaway.

Giveaway ends February 10th. Good luck!

I recieved complimentary review copies of theses book from the author. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Coversation Is Sexy *Giveaway*

Coversation Is Sexy by Todd R. Reed

About The Book:
"We don't talk as much as we used to." "He never listens to me." "She expects me to read her mind." "Where did our passion go?" Sound familiar? Falling in love and being in love seemed so easy once upon a time. What happened? What went wrong? How do you fix it? The answer, according to Todd R. Reed, aka "The Communication Coach," lies in getting that communication flowing again - even better than it did in the first blush of your romance. Everyone knows that communication is the super glue that holds a relationship together. It's a no-brainer that when couples lose the ability to share and express their thoughts, feelings and emotions, their relationship suffers. Communication breakdowns happen to the best of us, and while it's tempting to want to point fingers, no one is necessarily to blame. Chalk a lot of it up to the everyday stresses of life - work, finances, raising children - that can wear you down and cause exhausted couples to slowly drift apart. The great juggling act of life can also cause that spark you once had to sputter. Throw differences in the ways men and women communicate into the mix as well, and couples can't help but feel misunderstood.....and disconnected. But what if you could re-ignite the attraction, passion, and communication you once had? Coach Todd says you can, and in Conversation Is Sexy, he offers tips, tools and techniques that will show you how to sharpen your couple communication skills and rediscover the joy and fun of being in a committed relationship. Once you get back on track, there's a big bonus in store for you. Communication can be a powerful aphrodisiac! Yes, Conversation Is Sexy! And Coach Todd will not only show you how communication can remove barriers to intimacy, but how, through the simple act of conversation, you can feel the passion and excitement of falling head-over-heels in love.....all over again!

My Thoughts:
This book is bringing sexy back! Sexy conversation that is! It is true, you don't realize over time that your relationship can go on auto-pilot and you may not even really be aware of it. But with some tips and advice, and the awesome love coupons in this book, you can get back on track, and be falling in love with the love of your life all over again!

About The Author:
An award-winning Commercial Television and Radio broadcaster, Todd Reed (aka "The Communication Coach") has spent nearly 20 years observing and studying human behavior patterns in friendships, dating, marriage and relationships. His passion is to empower men and women to sharpen their communication skills, understand what makes each other tick, and use conversation to recreate passion and a love beyond words. Coach Todd is a two-time MBA Television Sportscaster of the Year and a two-time MBA Radio Broadcaster of the Year. In 1996, he was tapped to carry the Olympic torch in the XXVI Olympic Games, held in the U.S. Coach Todd currently resides in Richmond, Virginia, but travels the world giving keynote speeches, leading seminars and providing consulting/couple coaching services. For more information about Coach Todd, please visit http://www.conversationissexy.com

One lucky winner will win a copy of this book! Here's how:

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4. Promote this giveaway.

Giveaway ends February 10th. Good luck!

I received a complimentary review copy of this book from the author. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Foto Fun Friday - Pink

Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Obamas

The Obamas by Jodi Kantor

About The Book:
When Barack Obama won the 2008 presidential election, he also won a long-running debate with his wife Michelle. Contrary to her fears, politics now seemed like a worthwhile, even noble pursuit. Together they planned a White House life that would be as normal and sane as possible. Then they moved in. In the Obamas, Jodi Kantor takes us deep inside the White House as they try to grapple with their new roles, change the country, raise children, maintain friendships, and figure out what it means to be the first black President and First Lady. Filled with riveting detail and insight into their partnership, emotions and personalities, and written with a keen eye for the ironies of public life, The Obamas is an intimate portrait that will surprise even readers who thought they knew the President and First Lady.

My Thoughts:
I've always been very interested in The Obamas. Not necessarily the political side of them, but more the personal side. This book is great for the curious, the fans, and even the haters! Something for everyone, no matter what side of the political spectrum! There is much debate over this book, and The Obamas don't like it, etc. That just must mean that the book is spot on! Great read.

About The Author:
Jodi Kantor began her journalism career by dropping out of Harvard Law School to join Slate.com in 1998. Four years later, she became the Arts & Leisure editor of the New York Times. She has been covering the Obamas since 2007, and though she is a Washington correspondent for the newspaper, she lives in Brooklyn with her family. She can be followed at twitter.com/jodikantor

Buy this book at The Obamas on Amazon.

I received a complimentary review copy of this book from Hachette Book Group. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Home Chef Must-Haves

  Disclaimer: I received one or more of the products or services mentioned above for free in the hope that I would mention it on my blog. R...