Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Bio Green Crystals

"Everyday Green Products is a company focused on introducing smart and innovative green solutions for everyday life. Simply put, this means making sure we're using the most sustainable methods of disposal, while also protecting the health of those around us. Our flagship product, Bio Green Crystals, is a result of such thinking. Bio Green Crystals was birthed over 30 years ago when industries located in the Canadian Frontier begged for smarter ways to ship cleaning products in subzero degree temperatures and dire conditions. With very little options, products were forced to be drop-shipped from a plane or hauled by husky sleds. With the creation of "crystals," came the ability to effortlessly ship products that weighed very little and used negligible amounts of space. Today, Bio Green Crystals are produced using the same method. The result? The only cleaning product that can claim to be zero waste. But our Bio Green Crystals product doesn't stop at saving the Earth. Our greatest responsibility are to the ones that we care for, our families, our children. To that end, Bio Green Products are formulated using only natural ingredients."

I had never heard of such a product. Crystals to clean? How strange. But very ecological, and very easy to use! And it works great! Take their All-Purpose Cleaner for example: Our All Purpose Cleaner can be used both inside and outside your home to clean and degrease hard surfaces. This product is proudly made in the USA, by both Union and non-Union workers. One sachet makes 32oz Fluid Ounces. So simple. Add your sachet to the spray bottle that comes with your order, and add water, and there you go! A whole bottle of cleaner, naturally made, and works perfectly! You can find these products at some of your local natural foods stores, as well as some other stores, but I say your best bet is to order online!

If you make the small change to change the cleaning products you use, imagine the large impact that will make for our environment! 

I received products from Colangelo PR in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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