Monday, October 3, 2011

The Miracle Of Rain

The Miracle Of Rain by Sherry Rossman

About The Book:
I thought we were doomed, so I said a quick prayer, and then I felt something grab my sleeve. "Come. Come with me. My name is Smickett and I know of a safe place." From hiding under the table to dancing in a storm party, join Nora and Molly as they learn that their greatest fears can turn out to be their biggest blessings in The Miracle of Rain. 

My Thoughts:
This is such a cute book, and very timely for my own children. We just had a huge thunderstorm the other day, and they freaked at the thunder. So we sat down and read this book. I think it helped them. After reading the book, we sat by the window and watched the rain. The book is easy to read, and the illustrations are more real than they are cartoon-y. I also like that the pages are sort of glossy and not the feel of normal paper. I think this will be a book I read to my kiddos every time it rains!

About The Author:
Sherry Rossman grew up in Rimrock, AZ in the block house that her parents built with their own hands. Along with her two brothers and a few neighbor friends, she ran around the land to her hearts content. Javelinas, rabbits, coyotes and various other wildlife were constant visitors, and more frequent than human ones in the '70's and 80's. This was where her love and connection to animals grew. It is also where she saw and believed in the beautiful workmanship and wonder of God. Sherry was introduced to the love of reading by her parents, who read to her and taught her the value of a good book. Among the bookshelves in her childhood home sat books or vestiges of family members who penned their own legacy of life such as Andrew Lytle, Charles Darwin and Sidney Lanier. These books were living proof that the love of the written word ran deep and echoed inspiration and passion in abundance. While attending Yavapai College, Sherry studied Graphic Design and received an A.A. degree, but was never happy with that choice. It was more of a path to stability that a path of passion. Soon after graduation, she got married and settled in Prescott, AZ. While working a desk job at a retirement resort, a story kept running around her mind and would not rest. So she put pen to paper and wrote The Miracle of Rain. Seven years of self doubt and a few rejections finally ended with success. Tate Publishing called her and offered her a contract. The path has now been made clear for Sherry and she now desires to teach children to overcome their own obstacles to guide them on their own journeys of truth and purpose. She lives with her husband, two children and three cats in Prescott Valley, AZ. Visit Sherry online on her website!

I recieved a complimentary review copy of this book from the author. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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