Saturday, November 6, 2010

Prayer Journey Through Deployment

Prayer Journey Through Deployment by Donna Mull touched my soul on a personal level. Donna Mull is a military mother. Her son was deployed to Iraq. She felt the need to do something. And prayer was her answer. She began to write devotions and send them out in emails asking them to pray for her son and other soldiers. I’m not a highly religious person, as I have stated before, but this book, the devotions written by Mrs. Mull, they touched my heart and I connected with them, and it brought me back to the time in my life when Jason was deployed to Iraq, when he got hurt, and our military life in general. Great book! And Mrs. Mull is a wonderful woman!

About The Book: When a soldier serves, so does the family. Donna Mull saw that statement on the shirts some military wives were wearing at a Fourth of July parade as they marched with their husbands. Suddenly, that statement had become personal. She had heard stories about mothers whose faithful prayers had changed lives. When her son received his orders for deployment to Iraq, she wanted to be one of those mothers. Equally motivated by love and pain, Ms. Mull embarked on a year-long journey of prayer, writing weekly devotionals that focused on the specific needs of soldiers and their families. She then forwarded them to friends and family, who used them as springboards for their own prayer times. If you have a loved one in the military, chances are you are engaged in a battle of your own. Will your loved one survive? Will you? How will you cope while your soldier is away? When your soldier returns, will he or she be changed?

About The Author: Donna lives in a picturesque Rhode Island town with the oldest, longstanding 4th of July parade honoring civic and military servants (224 successive years). She has two married sons and four grandchildren. Among other hobbies, Donna has created a scrapbook to help her grandkids deal with some of the extraordinary challenges of having a deployed parent.

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I received a review copy of this book from The Wine Press Group.

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