Tuesday, November 2, 2010

**Guest Blogger** Let's Get Metaphyscial with Jules!

Jules from Ad Bits is the mama of two little girls, and she has a great blog, and posts the best videos! I love it. She is my first ever guest blogger and I am sooo excited! Check out her blog Ad Bits after you read her post here:

I admit it. I’ve been to psychics. Yup, that’s plural. I know it’s controversial. I know there’s a good chance it’s a money sucking con. But… the idea that somebody can actually know intimate things about you is so… intriguing! 

For years I wanted to go to one, but never got around to it. Then Jim and I decided we wanted to have a baby. We tried for a few months, which is no time at all in the grand scheme of things, but when God was handing out patience I must have been in line for big thighs because I’m lacking in a big way when it comes to waiting. So I did some research (read: Googling) and found I was living ten minutes away from a hotbed of clairvoyancey: Cassadaga, Florida.

Cassadaga is an itty-bitty town sort of between Orlando and Daytona Beach, which specializes in all things supernatural. Virtually every person living (or not living - oooo! Eerie!) in Cassadaga is in the business of metaphysical stuff. So I called up the first one I saw and made an appointment. 

To tell the truth I wasn’t that impressed. Especially after the fact when I have two girls (he saw me with a girl and boy). He was off about some other stuff too. Of course, that didn’t stop me from making another appointment with him later. But that was purely for entertainment purposes. I also visited the “haunted” hotel across the street, which damaged the credibility of the whole town when I saw they were trying to sell pictures of “spirits” that were clearly humans taking flash pictures in front of mirrors.

Apparently the effort of getting knocked up gets me in the mood. The mood to waste liberally spend money that is. Because when we decided to have our second baby I was off to another psychic. This one was much, much better. Much. I truly do take the stuff these people say with a grain of salt, but man! She knew stuff about me you couldn’t know if you Googled me all day long. 

So there you have it. I don’t blame you for judging me. But I have to admit, this stuff entertains me. Will I ever go again? Doubtful. Would I make major life decisions based on what these people say? Definitely not. But I’m here to tell you, it’s downright entertaining to visit a psychic whether they’re good or whether you want to give them a psykick in the pants for taking your money.


  1. I've been to a psychic a number of times. Before I got pregnant, we had some fertility issues, and I wanted to just see what a psychic would say. I was determined not to give away anything, so I was very minimal in all my answers. She told me we would need medical intervention to have babies and I would have twin boys. Turns out we DID need medical intervention to get pregnant, and I ended up having two boys, though not twins. After the first baby, which was after Jason came back from Iraq, he and I were having some issues. I went back to see the same psychic and again was very mum about things. She told me things that no one, I mean NO one could know outside of me and Jason, and she set my mind at ease about a lot of things. And then she said we would be pregnant again within 2 months. As it turns out, we were. So I believe. In her, at least.

  2. Fellow Blog Hopper. I agree that they are pretty entertaining to go to. I had fun when I went and you are right some how they do know stuff.

  3. Hooray! Thanks so much for the honor of guest blogging! It was so much fun! I'm happy I'm not the only one who's a repeat psychic visitor. I mean, when they're good, they're GOOD, right?

  4. Hooray! Thank you so much for the honor of being a guest blogger- it was so much fun! I'm happy I'm not the only repeat psychic visitor too. I mean, when they're good, they're GOOD, right?

  5. Great post Jules. I've often considered going but am totally freaked out by possibly finding something out that I really don't want to know. LOL I know, I know I'm a big baby!

  6. Yay, I like psychics too! I've talked with two (as well as written some questions on the Ask the Intuitive section of mothering.com). I think they are very cool. Off to check out Jules blog now...

  7. Margi, I don't blame you! It Is a little freaky! Especially if you go to a good one.

    Goofy Mama, thanks for stopping by Ad Bits! I hope you like what you see! :)


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