Saturday, October 2, 2010

Saturday 6 (10/2)

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1. You get a million dollars, what's the first thing you buy?
Um...a house. Yep. And then clothes.
2. What do you consider to be the best things about yourself? (Your best qualities, what you like about yourself etc.)
I'm a little bit crazy, and that makes me interesting.
3. What do you consider to be your weaknesses? 
Too soft on my crazy kiddos.
4. Have you ever made a scene in public? Elaborate!
I always do. I don't care what people think of me.
5. Any annoying quirks you possess?
Probably, but they are not annoying to me.
6. Are you more aggressive or passive in your personality?
Hmmm...depends on my mood I suppose.


  1. Hi Hayley thanks for visiting me :)

  2. I can be a definite softie Mom too...Totally feel you!


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