Saturday, October 2, 2010

BrytonPick Review

Jason and I recently reviewed the Bryton Pick, an alternative to flossing. He loved loved loved it, while I on the other hand am on the fence still. I think it skeeves me out that it is reusable for 30 days...that just does not seem hygienic. But it is effective. It got in-between teeth that regular floss wouldn't. But you have to be careful, or it will cut your gums, it is metal. But, it is handy. Just put it in your pocket (in its carrying case), or your purse, go have dinner or lunch, and then clean your teeth. Pretty nifty for on the go, or even for use at home. I like that is has different angles so you can get in all the spaces of your mouth. I think it is a worth a try to see if you like it yourself!

Check out BrytonPick online HERE.

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