Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Softly: The Uninvited Review

Parapsychologist Ebbon Softly and his psychic wife Mercy investigate when a team of ghost hunters disappear inside a supposedly haunted funeral home.

J.T. Cummins is a thriller author and screenwriter. He writes eFiction exclusively for the digital market. His eTales include COBBLESTONES, THE JITTERS, MINUS FOUR, SOFTLY: THE UNINVITED, WINSTROM, and WEAKER SEX (co-written with Douglas Nabors a producer of the Emmy-award winning TV series MONK). Baptized in the Hollywood trenches, J.T. is also the screenwriter-director of the horror movie classic THE BONEYARD. A former motion picture special effects artist, J.T.'s work appears in THE THING, HOUSE, STRANGE INVADERS, ENEMY MINE, and many others.

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Softly: The Uninvited is a quick read. The cover kinda freaked me out but it is probably supposed to do that, being a horror/suspense book. The prologue reads as a screenplay at first, but the rest of the book flows really well.

I like the character Mercy Soflty the best. She is funny and witty. I picture her as a young woman, but the author seems to date her a bit with having her be a knitter, carrying around her knit things. There seems to be a British-esque vibe to the story. Not sure where it takes place, but it easily could be in England. I love the line "Leave your ghosts and toad falls until morning." That kind of language flows throughout the story, and makes it interesting.

I love the names of the men in this book. Great character names: Freeman, Ebbon, Cotter. I also really enjoyed the relationship between Ebbon and Mercy.

There is one really gross part in the book, but it paints a picture of the scene really well and you can visualize it as you read. And just when you think it is all over, there is a twist. And then once again, you think it is all over, and another twist! I adored the distraction Mercy gives to the cat towards the end! Ha!

A few things I would "fix" would be calling the monstrosity an alien. I think a different name would better suit it. Also, there were many typos and things I would edit, so just a heads up on that to the author. All in all, a great entertaining read!


  1. Thanks Haley for your overall, positive review of Softly: The Uninvited. You're actually the first to read it and do a review, so your insight is invaluable. I'll do another pass tomorrow for lingering typos. I try to be as thorough as possible, but they do sneak through on occasion. Again, thank you for your kind review.

    Best wishes,

    J.T. Cummins

  2. So fun! Great work. It sounds like a great book!


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