Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Giveaway SmartKnitKIDS Socks!

Did you check out my recent review of SmartKnitKIDS socks? Check it out HERE. Tell me what you think of these socks after you check out my review and the SmartKnit website HERE and you will be entered to win a pair from SmartKnitKIDS! There will be 2 winners! Giveaway ends October 8th!

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  1. I've seen these around the internet and would love to try them out. They might be a good match for my oldest - for some reason he would prefer not to wear any socks at all. I've never thought that it might have something to do with SPD.

    Please enter me in the giveaway.

    becky dot fesler

  2. Congrats on being chosen to review these socks! This is the first I have heard about them and I must say that your review was very informative. I do like your model's feet--very cute feet and the socks look great on those feet. I especially like the "no seams" idea.
    I would like to participate in the giveaway. Thank you.

  3. These socks sound like just the thing for my wee girl for SOOO many reasons. This morning she managed to put her own socks on for the very first time... unfortunately the heel was in completely the wrong place :-( The fact that there are no seams also sounds ideal. I hate how her socks bunch up and look so uncomfortable in her shoes at times.

  4. maybe my boy would keep his socks ON if they were more comfy?

  5. my daughter is really picky about socks and would love these.

  6. My daughter could certainly benefit from these socks. It's hard to find comfortable socks for her.

  7. Hi, I'd love to win these for my daughter. They look a lot easier to use than other socks. Thanks for the great giveaway!
    maddiemb (at) comcast (dot) net

  8. seriously, you have no idea how often I've searched for socks like these. Those bloody toe seams means the only socks my daughter has worn all winter have been the pairs I have handknit her, yep handknit!!!
    She starts school next year so I dearly need to get her wearing socks!
    These look like the perfect answer for her sock hating!!

  9. Everybody talks about SmartKnitKIDS socks, and I would love to try them on my little son, count mein, thank you!

    Kisses from Nydia.

  10. Ooh these look good! My Bug is learning to put his socks on himself and these would be great!

  11. What a neat idea. I like that there are no seams as those tend to bother my very touch sensitive son!
    jltreasure at gmail

  12. these are the best socks ever, try them and you'll love them


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