Friday, September 10, 2010

Calling All Mommies!

I am going to start a new segment called Calling All Mommies. If you need advice, have a question, want to rant or rave about something, then email me: and I will feature it on my blog, and then other mama's can comment and respond to you. Should be a good way to get some info, etc. I will start it this time.
I need help. How in the heck do you find a babysitter? We don't know anyone with teenaged kids in our area. Our closest relatives are an hour away. Sometimes Mama and Daddy would like to go out to dinner alone, or catch a movie. That is hard to do with the kiddos. And every parent needs some grown-up time. So, how do I go about finding a babysitter? A stranger none the less....Help!


  1. Hi!
    I don't know about there, but we have these organizations who have babysitters, like these child care organizations and they even keep courses for these young babysitters.
    Also on those info-tables on the walls of different shops, and so on, many young people are adverticing that they would take care of children.
    That's of course in Finland, so I don't know if you have anything similar...

  2. I think those kinds of things are something you pay for, and big money. Like if you are looking for a nanny, and I just want a part time babysitter!

  3. what a clever idea!!! I have a 2 and a half boy and I wish I had a group to discuss about pregnancy and children.
    I hope everybody will start using it. Come on all mums out there!

    madaboutpink from SB


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