Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day Two

Day 2- What is the meaning behind you blog name?
Just that life gets crazy with two very active kiddos, and Mama is hanging on by a thread to her sanity! Hee hee. I'm hanging off the wire! Aggghhhhh.


  1. I like your blog name. I have two little ones about the same age of your. I completely understand what you mean. :)

    J3ss1ca (Swap-Bot)

  2. My "little one" is off at college and yet sometimes I still feel like you do!

  3. The name TOTALLY makes sense, and I can certainly relate! (I have an 8-year old and an 8-month old!)
    At any rate, my bog doesn't take much interpretation: "The Neat Get Neater." I am a neat freak, and I am always looking for better ways to clean and organize. So I borrowed the old phrase, "the rich get richer," and added my own twist. End of story! :)

    (beth619 stopping in from Swap-Bot to say "hello!")

  4. your boys look absolutely precious. My sister has to boys round the same age. They are so much fun. But I hear they exhaust her LOL.

    ElizabethMD from swap bot


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