Monday, August 23, 2010

Day One

***Post a recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself. ***

1. I've been married almost 7 years but we've been a couple almost 16, and I am almost 31.
2. I'm a read-a-holic. I have over 100 books in my closet that I have yet to read.
3. I am addicted to FaceBook!
4. I sell on eBay and Listia.
5. I am the youngest of 5 kids.
6. My mama is my best friend.
7. I was named after Hayley Mills.
8. I am researching my ancestry.
9. I love to scrapbook and do crafts with the kids.
10. I miss Texas!
11. I watch too much TV.
12. I can't swim.
13. I think I am boring.
14. I have a habit of biting my cuticles, not my nails.
15. I a twi-hard fan. :P


  1. What interesting facts about yourself. Where are you from in Texas? I lived in the Dallas area for 15 years and in the El Paso area on an off for about 10 years. Love your photo!

  2. We are from Minnesota, born and raised. But we were stationed at Fort Hood, Texas with the Army for 5 years, and I miss it a ton.


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