Sunday, April 21, 2024

My Life Is A Rodeo - For Really Real

A little over a month ago - life got crazy (again) for us. This is what has been going on - what I posted on Facebook.

Long post alert. About 6pm last night I got a call from Jason's phone from a lady who said she found this man in the parking lot and she called 911. She was panicking and freaking out, and I realized she was talking about Jason. He was conscious but slurring his words so she took the phone from him to talk to me. When the paramedics arrived they told me they had to go and to meet them at the hospital. We have been having trouble with the truck, something about the shifter. And Jason was at work, leaving for home, when he had to get under the truck and fix something. Whatever happened, the truck moved and trapped him under it and was in drive. Spun him around and then rolled over him. It's like some sort of freak accident. He has a pneumothorax (collapsed lung), broken ribs, broken pelvis, broken hip joints, fractured occipital bone on face, broken vertebrae, both scapula (shoulder blades) broken, and a broken neck. Plus a lacerated bicep which required 16 stitches and a few stitches on a gash on his leg. We will find out more as the weekend goes on and he continues to see the Trauma team, the neurosurgeon and the occupational team. It sounds like a lot of recovery for him. Will keep you all posted.

Two weeks ago posted:
Thought I'd share an update on Jason since people have been asking. He is doing remarkably well. He is back to work. He uses a cane but can pretty much walk on his own. His pain is mostly under control. He has had so many x-rays and MRIs that he should be radioactive. His shoulder and collar bone break separated, all the other ones were clean hairline breaks. So that is sort of tough to get range of motion etc., but he is doing well with that too. We want to thank everyone for the cards, flowers, meals, etc. Everyone has been so generous. It was pretty scary for me but Jay keeps saying "this is not my first rodeo" and unfortunately it's not. Ha! Having now seen more than one of my loved ones being pulled from the back of an ambulance, I can tell you, please tell the ones you care about how you feel, because you never know what can happen in the blink of an eye.

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