Friday, April 21, 2023

Earth Day 2023 - How Mitigating Environmental insurance Risks Can Protect The Planet And Us

Environmental risks can take many forms, such as natural disasters, pollution, and climate change. These risks can have significant financial and social impacts on businesses, communities, and individuals. Insurance companies have a unique role to play in managing these risks, as they provide financial protection against losses resulting from environmental risks.

"It's important to remember that protecting the planet requires a collective effort, including from the insurance industry. To mitigate environmental insurance risks such as climate change, insurers should look into incorporating a wide range of strategies such as the ESG factors into their investment decisions, promoting energy-efficient practices, offering policies that incentivize sustainable behaviors, and developing new products that specifically address climate-related risks such as green building and renewable energy insurance. By offering more sustainable products and lowering their own carbon footprint, insurance providers can not only help mitigate the impact of climate change but also attract customers who are increasingly concerned about the environmental and social impact of their purchases,” says Linh C. Ho, Chief Growth Officer at Zelros.

Here are three things insurers should keep in mind when wanting to mitigate environmental insurance risks

Tip #1: Provide educational resources Insurance providers should look into providing educational resources, such as risk assessment and mitigation services, that help clients identify potential environmental risks such as climate change, while also developing strategies to address them. These resources can help clients adopt more conscious, sustainable business practices and reduce their exposure to environmental risks.

Tip #2: Offer incentives for sustainable practices: Using today’s latest innovations in AI technology, carriers can offer incentives that are specifically personalized, such as lower premiums or discounts, to clients who adopt sustainable business practices. For example, a property insurance company might offer lower premiums to clients who install energy-efficient appliances or invest in green roofs.

Tip #3: Invest and support environmental research By supporting research into environmental risks and their impact on businesses and communities. Insurance companies can change the industry from one that is reactive, to one that is proactive. By funding research and collaborating with academic institutions, insurers can help advance our understanding of environmental risks and develop more effective risk management strategies to better protect ourselves and our clients.

Founded in 2016 by Christophe Bourguignat and Damien Philippon, Zelros is using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology to help insurers provide policyholders with the right coverage for their needs in real-time with personalized policy recommendations.

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