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From A November Long Ago #ThrowbackThursday

Sunday, November 1, 2015

#BEDN Something New About Yourself
Day 1 of Blog Everyday In November (#BEDN) - Something New About Yourself

November begins my third month in my new job. And I guess I have not really talked about it too much. And it is the reason I have been slacking at blogging - sad face! I enjoy working outside the home though. This job is the first time I have worked outside of the home in 11 years. Yes....ELEVEN years!
My job is called a Universal Worker and it is at a local senior living facility. It is a mix of being a PCA/CNA. "Taking care of old people", I joke. I work ten-hour shifts, alternating 40- and 30-hour work weeks. But it is from noon to 10pm at night. It is a rough schedule, especially since I feel like I am never home with Callan or Jason. But it is rewarding work, and the funds help our family, obviously.
I have to wear scrubs every day, so Callan calls me a nurse. But that isn't quite right. I cook, clean, give medications, dress, assist with personal cares, minor first aide, and a whole slew of other things for 22 elderly people. Sometimes I feel like I do more for these people than I do my own family, and it is wearing me down. But Callan told me he was proud of me the other day. And when your 7-year-old son tells you that.....well, it makes it all worth it.

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