Thursday, February 17, 2022

What To Do If You Fall in a Shop

A slip and fall accident in a retail store can be embarrassing, but it also has the potential to cause serious injuries that may be very costly to treat. From not moving too quickly to contacting an injury attorney, here’s what you should do to ensure you’re protected.

1. Don’t Get Up Until You Assess Your Pain

After you’ve fallen, take a few moments to collect yourself and determine if you are safe to stand on your own or with assistance. Move your limbs and place pressure on your legs and arms to feel for any areas of concern. Don’t get up until you feel stable.

2. Make Sure Store Employees Are Aware

Even if you’re able to stand, remain in the area of the fall and get the attention of a store employee. You may need to ask passersby for assistance in flagging someone down, but it will be helpful when documenting the accident to stay where you are.

3. Insist on Documentation

A well-managed store will be prepared for such incidents and the manager will likely fill out a report. When sharing your version of events, stick to facts and don’t make assurances that you’re fine. Request a copy of all documentation.

4. Make Your Own Record

Take notes at the accident site and ask any witnesses for their contact details. If possible, take photos of the scene of your fall as well as any scrapes, bruises, or swelling you’re experiencing. Be sure to capture images of the area in which you fell and any nearby hazards.

5. Seek Medical Attention

Even if you can walk away from the accident site on your own, follow up with a visit to your physician. Get a full check-up and be sure to describe any concerns so your doctor can identify issues that may arise in the coming days or months.

6. Contact an Injury Lawyer

Regardless of the severity of any injuries you may have sustained, scheduling at least an initial consultation with an attorney is in your best interest. If any carelessness on the part of the store employees led to your accident, a lawyer will help you obtain the care and compensation you deserve.

Although no one expects to fall while shopping, it’s important to be prepared for how to handle this type of incident. Keep these steps in mind so you’ll be properly cared for in the event of a retail store accident.

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