Monday, January 17, 2022

Thought All Was LOST

I went to the DARK SIDE for a few days. And cried and cried and cried. I was on a (whispering) a different blog because this blog crashed. See below:

I am coming to you here at WordPress because for whatever reasons the Technical Gods hate me over at Google and my blog over there is POOF gone! I am literally sitting here crying as I have lost YEARS of a blog, until they figure it out. Or I do. Or I just start fresh here. And as most Bloggers out there know, starting fresh is so not okay a lot of the time! Like - WTF! I am doing the free version too here for a bit until I figure things out - and that is also so not a good look. But - like what are my options right now? I don't know. I am bawling like I lost a best friend. It is ridiculous! But so many of my blog friends have told me to come to WordPress years ago - maybe this is my sign! I will feel it out, get the lay of the land and see what I think.

Maybe a new start is what I needed. We made a huge move and moved across the country - from Minnesota to Florida recently. And it is a New Year! So maybe a brand new blog? Why not? Completely fresh because I LOST IT ALL. I mean, no archives, no nothing. Completely gone. So here we are. Hello. Maybe I will just introduce myself to the world again, and trust my contacts and networking, and go into the New Year afresh and anew! Heeeere we go!


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