Saturday, September 25, 2021

Florida Life - Finally Settled?

After an adventurous journey to get here - we made it. A cross country move is not the same at 41 as it is at 24 let me tell ya, ha ha! We've been here a few weeks now and though we are still unpacking boxes and getting the lay of the land - I finally feel like we are settling in. I am at work full time now, and obviously loving it. The whole reason we made the Big Move. Callan is officially in school at Florida Coastal Academy.
He may not be loving that, ha ha. 8th Grade is tough. A lot of work. But he is so dang smart, it astounds me. Of course - I'm not biased or anything, hee hee. I love experiencing all the "firsts" with him. His first time seeing an iguana and other tropical wildlife, his first time in any ocean - even though he was born in Texas - we never did even get him in the Gulf Waters, his first time seeing things he never has - like a search light on the casino advertising in the sky - a big city thing, he was amazed at that, said it was "The Batman thing". I never realized how sheltered we had him living in a small Northern town.
  I think though this move was quite the major life change for our family - and actually a pretty quick change - it is a good thing on so many levels. We are very excited for the next steps in our life journey - and on a personal heart level, I got all the signs and God Winks I needed to go go go and keep moving in this direction and I continue to get my green light. I am doing the right thing. And that feels good.

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