Friday, July 30, 2021

An Overview Of The Alcohol Detox Process

Is your life wasted by alcoholism? It’s the best time to look for help. Alcohol addiction is treatable. Visit and learn about the entire process of detoxification and journey to recovery from the addiction. Alcoholism is among the most dangerous addictions, with severe side effects during detox. You need to be conversant with withdrawal symptoms you are likely to experience, not to be tempted to have a relapse. Relapse is common among alcohol consumers, especially when the withdrawal symptoms become severe and they choose to drink to feel better. The following is what you need to know about the alcohol detox process. 

How does detox work?

The whole purpose of detox is to help alcohol addicts to break their physical alcohol dependence. Dependence on alcohol is dangerous and becomes more dangerous when attempting to stop using it. Statistics show that the physical consequences of a “cold turkey” are severe and life-threatening for many alcohol addicts. That’s why they are recommended to detox with the help of medical professionals who offer medical assistance and guidance on how to detox successfully. 

Most people who detox at home experience relapse when withdrawal symptoms turn out to be severe. People who seek medical detox programs have successful detox since some safe medications are administered to reduce the impacts and effects of withdrawal symptoms. The replacement medications are vital in managing cravings, which are the main cause of relapse. 

What is the withdrawal process?

Alcohol addiction results in multiple changes in the user’s brain and body functions. In the same way, during withdrawal, the body goes through changes as it tries to cope with the new situation without drinking. These changes are a result of withdrawal symptoms that affect a patient attempting to stop alcohol consumption. Medically supervised detox programs help patients to have a comfortable and safe withdrawal process. Medics try all means possible to ensure a patient doesn’t suffer much from the discomforts caused during the withdrawal. 

Some common withdrawal symptoms alcohol addicts experiences are muscle and bone pain, diarrhea, depression, insomnia, nausea and vomiting, anxiety, and seizures. They aren't pleasant withdrawal symptoms as some, like seizures, can cause fatalities. However, they are short-lived as they go for days or a week. 

What are the benefits of the alcohol detox process?

Detoxification has never been easy, but accomplishing the recovery goals makes the efforts worthwhile. There are many benefits accompanied by living a life free of dependency on alcohol. People who have managed to have the complete treatment and maintained a recovery report enjoy the following long-term benefits:

  • There are increased feelings of well-being.
  • Such people develop a robust feeling of self-confidence that promotes their self-esteem.
  • There is the development of more satisfying and comfortable personal relationships.
  • They improve their energy levels.
  • Recovered patients experience fewer health problems associated with alcohol abuse.

However, it's necessary to note that detox only plays a role in helping to manage the addiction as being part of the treatment process. It doesn't cure addiction, which means that it must be followed by rehabilitation. Rehab helps to address the psychological component of addiction to ensure an addict recovers. 

During the medication period, you have a chance to explore and identify the underlying issues resulting from alcohol abuse. This way, you develop skills to cope with your new life, avoid relapse, and sustain your recovery. A proper treatment program with detox services and rehab gives a renewed life to alcohol addicts. You start living a sober life, can work freely without alcohol interference, and have a comfortable life with family members. After living a wasted life with addiction, sober life is all you need. It's a great opportunity for you to age gracefully, having accomplished your goals.

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