Monday, December 7, 2020

Why Should DC’s Stargirl Be Your Favorite?

Here is some good news if you are on the hunt for your next favorite superhero show. DC Universe's new show Stargirl has produced an endearing character that the world is falling in love with. The executive producer Geoff Johns has made some strategic decisions that have made this show absolutely fantastic. Here are some of the reasons why this show will be your favorite. 


The Awesome Cast

If you love a great cast, Stargirl is going to be your next favorite. Luke Wilson plays Stargirl's stepfather, and sidekick, S.T.R.I.P.E. Amy Smart plays her mother. Hourman is being played by the Hulk actor's son Lou Ferrigno Jr. E.T. actor Henry Thomas plays Doctor Mid-Nite. Joel McHale appears as Starman. If you need more familiar faces, don't worry. Tons of other familiar heroes and villains are appearing on Stargirl. Plus, the actress who plays Stargirl really embraced her role and brought the character to life.

Stargirl's Comic Book Roots

Originally, Stargirl was a comic book. It all started when the character wore a superhero costume to irritate her stepfather. After starting her career in heroics, she became the Star-Spangled Kid. She ends up doing a great job of being a hero. She even managed to impress Starman, whose cosmic staff she takes ownership of. As the comics progressed, she changed her name to Stargirl. The popularity of these comics led to the creation of the Stargirl show. It has been translated well into a show. Many people who enjoyed the comic books have come to appreciate the show, despite some minor differences.

Her Involvement in Teams

Stargirl is not a shy person, in superhero or teenage girl form. She can easily make friends in high school and the superhero world. Initially, she works with her sidekick and stepfather, S.T.R.I.P.E. This ended up helping them bond after he married her mother.

However, she can join the Justice Society in both the comics and the show. There, she quickly bonds with its members. She will also join the Justice League if the show sticks to the comics. Most teen superheroes don't get access to leagues like this, so it will be interesting to see if she ends up in the Justice League on the show.

The Teenage Drama

While being a superhero is tough, Stargirl also has to deal with being a teenager. She has to deal with the teenage trials that everyone faces, like braces. She may be the first comic superhero who wears braces. We'll see if this makes it into the TV series

But what is already in the show is the daily trials that she faces. For instance, she deals with making friends at her new school. She also has to balance things like schoolwork and superhero duties. Of course, there are the embarrassing family members. There are embarrassing moments at school. Overall, teenagers will wind up feeling for this character. Being able to relate to the character will make it your favorite as soon as you watch it.

Her Inclusion in Other DC Series

If you are an avid DC Universe follower, you will notice Stargirl in other series. For instance, you can see her in the animated series, Young Justice: Outsiders. Here, she is older and hosts her own television show called Stargirl. However, she isn't a superhero in this series. An animated version of Stargirl also appears in Justice League Unlimited and Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

Stargirl has a lot of awesome features. Based on a comic book, it includes a lot of new takes on being a superhero. It also features some epic storylines. Start watching today to find your new favorite superhero show.

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