Thursday, December 17, 2020

The Christmas Tag 2020 #Holiday2020 #BlogChallenge

How about a little Christmas tag, to get into the festive spirit? Thank you to Sophie for sharing this on Twitter, where I saw it - make sure you check out her answers too on her blog!

The Christmas Tag Rules:
*Put on your favorite Christmas playlist to listen to while answering!
*Have a Christmas drink and/or snack while writing
*Thank the blogger who tagged you (or where you found it if there was no tagging) and link to their site
*Answer the 10 original questions
*Answer the questions set by whoever tagged you
*Ask 2 questions of your own
*Tag 6 bloggers to take part

The Original Questions
When do your decorations go up? We usually do the outside of the house when the weather is nicest, so early November and the Jason does not let me do the inside of the house until the day after Thanksgiving.
Who is the Scrooge in your family or friendship group? Definitely Jason.
If money were no object, how and where would you spend Christmas? Heaven? Ok, that is not real. I Christie again. That was fabulous.
What Christmas film do you HAVE to watch every festive season? The original Rudolph movie. And introducing it to Callan was so cool. It has become a tradition for him too now. I also want to try to get him to watch It's A Wonderful Life this year but we shall see.
Who do you find hardest to buy presents for? Jason, because he has everything.
Would you rather buy lots of little presents for a hamper (gift basket), or buy one big/main present? Um, lots of little ones maybe, because more is better.
What did you leave out for Santa when you were a child? Cookies and milk of course. And now with Callan (well not anymore, he is too old now) we would leave carrots for the reindeer because they need snacks too.
Where did you spend last Christmas? We went to the cities to my mamas. We go every year. Same old same old. We don't usually switch it up. We like to go down so we can go to the cemetery and visit the family. We go in the winter and then usually once in the summertime.
Which Christmas song makes you cringe? Cringe? Uh, none. I kinda like them all. I don't think I really dislike any. Some I might "get sick" of because they are overplayed, but none are cringe-worthy.
If you could be a character in a holiday movie, who would you be and why? Hmmm. Like a Christmas character? Maybe Jiminy Cricket. He's fun and a wisecracker, and cute and tells old Scrooge if he was measured by his amount of kindness, he would "be no bigger than a speck of dust!"
Ellie's question to Sophie (the person who tagged Sophie, where I got this idea from) It’s Christmas day – do you dress up or stay in pajamas? Depends if I am going out and about. I suppose get dressed.
Pigs in blankets – yay or nay? Yay, yay, yay!

Sophie's Questions to other bloggers:
Does your family have a Christmas tradition of their own? If so, what is it? Not really traditions, but I guess since we always do them, then yes they are traditions, ha ha. We open some gifts Christmas Eve, but save the good big ones for Christmas morning. We light a candle for Baby Mason. We buy a special family ornament every year and a new memorial ornament for Mason each year.
What's your favorite part of Christmas Day? The joy on Callan's face.

My questions for you:
Do you like wrapping gifts?
Do you hide any gifts?

I nominate:
YOU! I am not "tagging" anyone but IF you do this please leave me a link or a comment and I will for sure come check out your answers and comment back!

Happy Holly Jolly, y'all! Tis the Season!

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  1. Hi Hayley, thank you for taking part in this tag! I loved reading your answers, and Jiminy Cricket is such a good choice - Happy Christmas! x

    Sophie |


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