Monday, November 9, 2020

I Was Accused Of Being Anti-Mask, Anti-Covid #Covid

I was accused of being an anti-masker and anti-Covid....I just had to laugh. Though my stance on the mask thing is sort of a toss up, I do not fault anyone who believes a mask helps them or chooses to wear them. And a mask is a mandatory thing in public in Minnesota and at my place of work, and so I wear one daily. I abide by the rules. I do my part. I am an immunocompromised person who does not necessarily believe a mask will protect me, or you. I fall into the category of.....I think Covid is a serious virus and we are all going to get it eventually, no matter how vigilant we are about being safe and clean, and healthy, and social distancing, etc. I do not, however, take it lightly, or take it casually. But I am realistic. I have no need to panic. I survived the Iraqi Flu when Jason brought me home a virus from his deployment to Iraq. When I get the Rona, I will survive that too. And, well, if I don't survive, then there is a reason. And that is between me and the Lord.

Here is a link when it was all new to us in Minnesota and I first wrote about Covid and how it was affecting our life and then here is a link to where our family was feature in the local newspaper about our Covid situation.

Currently, there are 184,788 positive cases in Minnesota. The death toll in our state is 2,675. That is about 4,000 new cases a day, and about 20 deaths a day, and there is not really a set age group. Young and old are effected. Sick and healthy. Rich and poor. Rona is not picky. She is after us all. Just like her friend the Flu. I know people who have died from Covid. I know people who have been sick and have gotten better. I know people scared to go outside. I know people who think it is all a hoax. As for me, I try to live my life as normally as possible, and I follow the guidelines and the rules, and take it all with a grain of salt. Because tomorrow the pandemic could be over, or....we could be having the Rapture.

Take care of yourselves. And wash your damn hands.

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