Sunday, October 4, 2020

Our Dog, Glory

Well, real life happens sometimes, doesn't it? Our dog, Glory, tore her CCL - which is the same as an ACL in a human - the ligament that holds the knee in place. She was just playing in the kitchen and slipped on the linoleum and started yelping. We originally thought she dislocated her leg somehow. But the vet said no, just the CCL tear, which is actually more common than you think he said. Her surgery is on October 14th to fix it. And yes of course we are going to fix it. Some people think we are nuts, because "it's only a dog" but she is a member of our family, and she is only 17 months old - in human months, ha ha. Doc said yes she is a chunky dog but she is only about 8 pounds overweight, so that was not likely why it happened. Just a fluke. A freak accident. And gee, of course that would happen to us right? Welcome to my life. Ugh. So we have to wait for her swelling to go down before the surgery. At least she is on some pain meds and feeling good. And getting lots of cuddles.

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