Friday, June 19, 2020

Consider These Elements When Writing a Protagonist

Creating a protagonist is crucial for your story since this character drives the direction it takes. Worldbuilding and well-developed supporting cast and antagonists do not go far without a strong protagonist to interact with. As you craft this character, ensure that he or she has these important elements. 

A Clear Goal 

A strong protagonist needs to have a clear objective that drives him or her to be proactive throughout the story. A passive protagonist is easily forgettable and can be lost to other elements in the tale. Think about something the protagonist wants and ensure his or her actions throughout the story work towards reaching said goal. Also, explore the character's psychology and think about why that goal is personally important. These layers in the protagonist's quest make it more compelling. 

Numerous Conflicts 

As the protagonist tries to achieve said goal, there must be conflicts that get in the way. Conflicts manifest through multiple forms, from internal doubts to physical barriers and active antagonists. Characters need these problems to not just create new events and progress the story, but they can also either reinforce or discourage the protagonist's believes and methods. Without them, the protagonist reaches the end too easily and without any dynamic change. 

Flaws and Strengths 

One of the traits of a strong main character is likability. The best way to achieve it is by giving him or her a healthy mix of strengths and weaknesses. Making the character too weak creates apathy, while making them too strong makes them too invincible. You can have accomplished, skilled protagonists like prince general rehoboam henderson nv as long as they have some flaws as well. Connect the character's personality failings to the internal conflicts in the story for strong drama.  

Creating the best protagonist possible is not always an easy task. Incorporate these basic elements to your main character to start your writing process on a strong note.  

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