Saturday, June 6, 2020

A Day In My Life With My Thoughts

I went back to work on June 1st for the first time in 9 weeks. I was off work and at home with Callan to help with the distant learning and because of the Coronavirus. The world changed due to the virus for so many of us and it is still changing. And now, there is more change due to the murder of George Floyd by police officers right here in Minnesota. I can think big things and have ideas about both of these things - The Rona and The Riots. But the truth of the matter is that my life is not really touched by either. Because I am ignorant at one end of it I guess. And I live in a sleepy little town in the northwoods of Minnesota. And I tend not to engage with a lot of people - by choice. Here is what my day looks like currently - tell me if it is similar or different from yours.

I am up at 6am or sometimes before, especially since my hysterectomy. No sleep really happens. I do my morning chores which consist of feeding the dog and the cats. I start the laundry. I get my bag ready for work. I get dressed for work. I start the hose to water the gardens. I check my email - depends on what day it is, then I will also do the bills and paperwork for the week. Move the hose. Do my makeup and hair. Write Callan's list of daily chores for him to accomplish before he gets to use any electronics. Shut the water off. Then off to work by 8am. At work I tend to check the news numerous times a day. More Minnesota Corona positive cases and deaths. More updates about riots and news of George Floyd. Lunch break, I go home and chit chat with Jason and Callan while finding something to shove in my mouth as I walk around picking things up, putting things in place, feed the dog. Then back to work. I get off work and come home and download from the day at work - put my bag away, jewelry off, hair up, contacts out, sometimes I change clothes depending what I am planning on doing (go out in the yard and garden, meeting someone later, etc.), Then I get dinner going. Jason works 2nd shift so we have dinner at a specific time every night - 6pm. Depending on what I am making, sometimes it takes longer to get dinner going than other times. Jason comes home on his lunch break (dinnertime really) and we eat dinner, and chat. Then he has to go and I do the nighty dishes, and then probably sit down on the couch and binge watch whatever I am into on Hulu or Netlfix or Prime currently. Then it is bedtime and I remind Callan of his routine that he needs to do - wash face, acne lotion, brush teeth, etc. I crawl into bed and peruse my phone on Facebook or Instagram and text back and forth with Jason about the current events. About 10pm I finally try to sleep.

The above is my day every single day - weekends minus the going to work. So as you can see, I am not affected a lot by, how do I say this - the outside world. Because I hibernate in my own little world. For the past 9 weeks - I guess 10 now, this has been my life. And it very well may continue on this way for a long time to come. Minnesota is mostly opened all back up - but things are still different. For the reasons of the virus and the riots. And I think things will be this way - the new norm - for a long time to come.

Stay safe everyone, be smart, be compassionate, be gentle and understanding. We are all one species but yet still very different. We need tolerance, not indifference. Namaste.


  1. Nice read. Truth is that's how many people spend their days. In all, we have to truly learn to love God and mankind.

  2. This was a very nice post to read. I loved the last paragraf and that we are the same species but very different.

  3. Interesting life, many of us routines are pretty basic and similar. For the first time since the pandemic started I took the kids outside to catch some what I hope is fresh air. What’s causing you to not sleep because of your hysterectomy, are you in pain?

    1. Not pain, no. I am actually much better in that department. It's the night sweats and hormones. The joys of being a woman!

  4. As a person of color, I am deeply affected by the events going on here in the US and globally. As I write, peaceful protests and the virus spread continue. Loss of life is never a casual matter.
    Elizabeth O


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