Wednesday, April 15, 2020

#BlastFromPast Here Mama

I love my kids. I really do. More than I ever thought humanly possible. But then they do something...."bad"....and well, I want to sell them on eBay. Heck, some days I'd give 'em away for free. Such as today.

Mason, my little nosy deviant, brought me a thumb tack. We don't generally use thumb tacks in our house, so I thought "Where the heck did he get this from?" Eh, whatever. I ignored it. Then he came back to me, a smile on his face and he reached for my hand - his signal for me to follow him. So I let him lead me to wherever he wanted to take me. Well....I discovered where that thumb tack came from. It was actually a carpet tack.

Yep. My 18-month old decided we needed to redecorate. He ripped up all of the carpet in the hallway in front of the bathroom. I mean, he pulled the carpet out from the baseboards and out from the tack strips lining the closets and doors. How in the hell he did it, I have no idea. But he is sure proud of himself. Sigh.

eBay Ad: One tiny carpenter for sale. Will work for animal crackers and an unlimited supply of milk. Oh, and if he can bring his older brother along for the the job - bonus!

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