Thursday, April 16, 2020

#BlastFromPast Females Step Up

We've all heard the stories of a man who steps up and loves a woman who has a previous child. Or the stories of the guys who won't date a lady "with baggage". But you rarely hear about the good stories when it is the guy who has a child, and meets a woman, and she steps up and loves and cares for the kids. I have a male friend who was in a relationship, which was basically sex, and she got pregnant. They ended up not staying together, but he is an active dad in the baby's life. He then met a girl, who found out he had a newborn daughter, and she did not even bat an eye. They now basically live together and I am pretty sure they are gonna get married. But I just think this girl is awesome, and she totally loves the baby. And I'm sure there is some sort of baby mama drama, which can not be easy. I don't know why I started thinking about this, but I just think you don't hear enough about when the female steps up. So I just thought I would give props to all the ladies who have stepped up and cared for the children of the man they love. 

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