Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Bugs And Rodents And Pest Control, Oh My!

It is kind of an icky thing to have to think about pest control, am I right? But we all have probably gone through it at one point or another. I remember when we lived in Texas during our Army years, we had roaches. And yes, I was one of those people who thought that only dirty houses and dirty people could get roaches. But I was about 7 months pregnant with Callan at the time, and I opened the cupboard one day to get a pot to boil some water, and there was a big fat roach staring at me. I about went into labor right then and there! We called local pest control and the guy was so calm and blase’ about the whole thing. And he was like, “Ma’am these are just waterbugs.” Dude, in Minnesota, those are roaches, mmm kay?

Years later when I was telling a friend who owned a pest control business that story, he of course laughed at me and my dilemma. It sure as heck was not funny at the time. But I have since educated myself and have taken precautions on how to protect my home against many creatures and creepy crawlies. But even so, we will still need pest control from time to time, and the pest control industry is a lucrative one and continues to grow. And with technology out there constantly evolving, so does business and the needs of companies. Did you know there is pest control business management software, such as the software provided by Poconos? It allows you to track customers and sales and such. Pretty cool if you ask me.

What is not cool is the mice they discovered at my place of work. Okay, okay, I know pests are gonna happen! Hence, my ordeal with the roaches. Errr, I mean “waterbugs”. But now there are mice at work? Yeah, I know, there are probably mice around all the time. But we rarely see them. But someone was leaving their food and snacks unattended and out in the open, and those little mousies could not refuse the treats! And so they were coming into the office and getting yummies! I was being smart and storing my food properly at work. But, ewww! Just the thought of it gives me the heebee jeebees! Eeeks!

Bugs and rodents in general do not usually creep me out. Snakes on the other hand? Uh uh, nope! No thank you. And wood ticks, yuck! Yuck yuck! But general bugs and spiders, and small animals do not freak me out so much. Are you afraid of bugs and things like that? My best friend is terrified of spiders. Like she will have a heart attack almost quite literally if she sees one. I am her hero and make them go away for her all the time. But she does not make the roaches or mice go away for me ever. So, maybe I need to rethink this whole best friend thing. Hmmmm?
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