Saturday, May 11, 2019

Preparing Your Child for Kindergarten

Although the first day of Kindergarten seems a long way off, the passage of time can easily catch you off guard. Rather than simply worry about your child’s school readiness, take the proactive approach to ensure he’s prepared. From everyday activities to structured sessions, you’ll discover that a little effort will generate big changes in his growth and development.

Early Education

Enroll your child in preschool to get him used to spending the day away from home and the classroom environment. Programs such as early education daycare or pre-k Tampa will enable your child to learn about sharing, accommodating and cooperating with other children through group activities. He will also become accustomed to an instructive setting, learning basic academic concepts and completing school-related tasks.

Encourage Independence

Give your child a great foundation for kindergarten by fostering his growing independence. Teaching him an assortment of self-help and life skills before he heads off for school will not only boost his self-esteem but also prepare him for classroom life. Practice such habits as keeping his room and play areas tidy, putting on his jacket and shoes, waiting to take his turn and going to the bathroom unassisted, for instance.

Develop Skills

Encourage your child to participate in activities that will bolster his fine and gross motor skills before heading to school. Drawing, coloring, opening packages and using eating utensils, for example, will prepare him for tasks like handwriting and cutting with scissors. In addition, playing outside, running, hopping or balancing on one foot, for instance, can get your youngster ready for the athletic activities he may experience in kindergarten.  
Taking steps to train your child for kindergarten will do more than prepare him for the first day of school. The skills he will develop can help him deal with issues and experiences in and out of the classroom for years to come.

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