Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Get Ready for Baby

Home births, once the norm when hospitals weren't as advanced as they are now, are once again on many mother's radars. However, instead of turning your living room into a delivery room, a birthing center San Antonio can be a happy medium between the two options. Here are some ways a birthing center can make your delivery experience feel as good as home.

More Control

Hospitals are bound by certain laws that can make flexibility difficult. While birthing centers also have laws to follow for ensuring your safety, these locations can relax certain restrictions to put you back in control of your body and your delivery. For example, most hospitals cannot allow minors into the labor and delivery rooms, but many birthing centers will allow your young children to be present when their sibling arrives.

A Personal Touch

You can make multiple trips to tour a birthing center before delivery which gives you a more personal relationship with the staff. Birthing centers also tend toward immediate, uninterrupted skin-to-skin for mother and baby on delivery day. According to the World Health Organization, this is an important step in a child's health. Prolonged skin-to-skin contact should happen as soon as safely and medically possible.

Safe and Sterile Environment

Like a hospital, birthing centers must uphold a certain level of safety and cleanliness. These are standards hard to maintain in a home. Moving your labor to a birthing center means a cleaner environment and you will not need to do the cleanup after delivery.
Planning for a new baby takes a lot of time. While the delivery is much shorter relative to the child's life, it is also important to have a plan. A birthing center San Antonio is a good option to merge the comfort of a home birth and the safety of a hospital one.

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