Wednesday, May 15, 2019

#CarLifts For #FathersDay2019

My husband was a mechanic in the United States Army, so the garage is his domain, while he sort of lets me have the house as my domain. Fair trade, right? He has a lot of tools, and the garage tends to get messy. I am always after him to keep the garage clean. And now his latest thing is that he wants a car lift. Say what? I was like are you kidding me? But after I did some research, I came to find that they really are not that expensive, and for all of the mechanical work that he does, it would be a really good investment! I figure he could get a 2 post lift versus a 4 post lift, and that would still be good enough for all his needs. I did a lot of research and looked at places online like Best Buy Auto Equipment and other places. I wonder if maybe a Father's Day gift is in his future? How awesome would that be? I think I would be the best wife on the planet, and that I would be in his good graces for a really long time to come, not to mention that, as I said, this would be a good investment.

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