Saturday, May 11, 2019

Benefits of Popular Horse Insurance Policies

Horses are among the more popular domesticated animals, providing companionship for owners, sporting activities for competitors, and learning for visitors. As such, it may be necessary to purchase one or more horse insurance policies to protect the horse should it fall sick or injured, as well as the people and property surrounding this large and powerful animal. There are several popular options for horse owners to choose from, depending on the ways in which horses are utilized in their everyday lives.

Medical and Mortality Insurance

Horse ownership is as costly as it is rewarding and, like any investment, should be protected by comprehensive insurance coverage. Equine veterinarians are highly specialized and generally offer both on-site and clinic services, with both having the potential to be very costly if the nearest vets are far away. Insurance coverage can help offset the costs associated with regular check-ups and vaccinations, emergency visits due to injury or illness, and the monitoring of reproductive health. Additionally, investments into the horse can be protected via a variety of mortality insurance policies should the hose be stolen or pass away.

Liability Insurance

While it is important to purchase policies to protect the horse, liability insurance is vital to the safety of the people and property surrounding the animal. Horses are powerful enough to cause major injuries up to and including death, even among the most experienced riders. Consider policies that fit the function of the horse, especially if people other than the owner will be riding or competing with him or her. Damage to property, especially fences and barns, are possible as horses are naturally skittish and could panic if it feels threatened in any way. Liability coverage can help owners maintain a safe living environment for their horses.
Investment in a horse, even as a pet, is expensive and should be protected with an insurance policy that fits the needs of horse and owner alike. The peace of mind in knowing the horse is protected will create a harmonious environment for all involved.

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