Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Getting The RV Ready

I am super excited to go camping this summer and use our new RV, that we only used twice last year. It is not a brand new RV. But it is new to us. There were some repairs that needed to be done to it, and Jason is pretty handy that way. And I get to decorate the inside, which is super fun, right? And we need to redo all the upholstery and foam. I am so not a seamstress and not good at any of that stuff. So thank goodness there is Foam By Mail where they can help me with custom foam factory cushions. So I am all set there.

I think we will take our maiden voyage sometime in mid-June this year, and I am thinking it will be to Big Falls campground, since it seems to be good fishing, and Callan enjoys the swimming. I can not wait!

Any big camping plans for any of you this summer?


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