Thursday, March 21, 2019

Controlling Pests Without Sacrificing Your Family's Health

No one wants an infestation of creepy crawly bugs in their home or yard. In some states, treating the problem can mean a year-round pest control service. Treatment inside and out is applied at regular intervals to keep the bugs at bay. While some insects are poisonous and destructive to homes, gardens and landscape, other insects can are just downright unsightly. When choosing how to treat your bug problem, you may be wondering if all the chemicals are safe. What should you know about conventional pesticides and is there any alternative?

1. Pesticides May Contaminate Ground Water
Chemicals used to control bugs often contain ingredients that may be dangerous to humans and animals. Over time these chemicals may seep into the ground and eventually contaminate the water that ultimately makes its way into the home either for drinking or through the food. There are alternative treatments that have been developed of late with claims of being a child safe pesticide. If you're worried about the effects of traditional sprays, try one of these safer and more natural remedies.

2. Pesticides May Kill Helpful Species
When a treatment is applied, it is intended to target anything it touches. The chemicals used coat grass, spider webs and bugs themselves. Since bugs often eat each other, the spray finds its way all over a predetermined area. The downside is even the good bugs get caught in the crossfire. Species that keep harmful bacteria and larva at bay may wind up being victims thus destroying the natural cycle.

3. Chemicals Don't Always Work
Some pests have become resistant to chemical treatments. They have evolved and have built up an immunity. These bugs are usually the ones you don't want around. Thus, harsher chemicals may do more damage than good. Natural treatments may still work on these pesky creatures.
When controlling the bug population in and around your home, all treatments are not created equal. Do your research to find a company that uses chemicals that advocate for a more natural bug control method.

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