Friday, January 11, 2019

3 AC Problems That Mean Business

Air conditioners are machines that the overwhelming majority of us take for granted. With Electrical air conditioners have been around since 1902. Invented in the United States over a century ago, the United States remains the world's widest user of air conditioning. Statistics show that a whopping 90 percent of homes throughout the nation are equipped with working air conditioner units. Even though air conditioners are so popular here in the United States, we still struggle with performing our own unit repairs. Here are a few common problems that air conditioner units face.

Time to Add More Freon? There Could Be a Leak

Freon, also known as refrigerant, is found in every modern air conditioner. Refrigerant gets cold through the power of evaporation, believe it or not. To start, the compressor increases the pressure of refrigerant, causing the Freon to get hot. Next, the pressure of Freon increases, causing it to bounce around a long string of tightly-wound coils. This process turns Freon into liquid. Lastly comes the expansion of Freon via the air conditioner's expansion valve, causing it to cool down until it reaches its evaporation point. Air is blown over the coils, causing the output air to feel cold. In most cases, low Freon levels indicate there's a leak. Get a professional to fix this for you instead of wasting Freon and polluting the environment.

Dirty Coils

The coils mentioned above sometimes get dirty. If they're not cleaned, they won't work properly, resulting in warm or hot air being blown out of air conditioners.

Filters Mean Everything

Dirty filters lead to a plethora of problems. Some filters can be cleaned, such as in wall and window AC units, though most outdoor HVAC systems require brand-new filters. Change filters at least twice a year. Air conditioners are difficult to understand. After all, technicians do go to specialized schools to work on the machines. It's OK if you don't feel comfortable doing repairs like this yourself - trust an experienced air conditioning repair st charles il to solve your AC-related problems ASAP.

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