Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Common Car Accident Injuries And Tips To Getting Help

Car accidents occur every second of the day. They can range in severity from a simple fender bender to head on collisions or pile ups that cause serious injuries and even the loss of life. Depending on the severity of the accident, you and those riding with you could suffer from an array of things including body aches to brain injuries. The only way to deal with the matter is to first find out the extent of your conditions and then reach out to experts for assistance.

Most Reported Injuries
There are a lot of factors that can play into the type or severity of injuries you sustain in a car accident. The type of car you’re driving, the speed you’re driving, what you hit, how you hit it, and the position of your body in the vehicle are just a few of those factors. Motorists have been known to suffer from the following:
• Head and Brain Injuries - If the accident caused your head to collide with something in the car it can result in a concussion, skull fractures, cranial bleeding, and other traumatic brain injuries. These are often the most severe and can require a need for intensive treatment and care.

• Neck and Back Injuries - Another common type of injury received in an accident are the neck and back. As the body is being jerked around in the car and your muscles tense up, you can suffer from things like whiplash, neck or back sprains, a herniated disc, or spinal cord damage.

• Burns - If your body scrapes or rubs against rough surfaces during the accident it is a very real possibility that you could end up burned. While you might just have a few surface burns, there is also the chance of significant burns that require skin grafts and other invasive treatment options.

• Soft Tissue Problems - It’s not uncommon for car accident passengers to complain of sprains or strains of their muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

• Broken Bones - From the head down to the toes, there is always the possibility of someone breaking a bone or two as a result of an accident.

What To Do About It
If you were recently involved in an auto accident that resulted in the injuries like those listed above, there are a few things you’ll want to know. Below are the things you should do to recover physically, mentally, and financially.

Consult an Attorney - The injuries you’ve sustained will change the dynamics of your life until you’ve healed (or adjusted to your new normal). Not only will you miss time from work, but you’ll also have extensive medical bills to cover. Experts like those who work at Schwartzapfel Lawyers P.C., can offer you advice on how to proceed. They can aid you in filing an insurance claim, following up on the claim, talking with adjusters and insurance attorneys, and if necessary, helping you to file a personal injury suit in court.

Visit Doctor Regularly - Visiting the doctor when you’ve been injured in a car crash is imperative for two reasons. The first is that your doctor is the only medical expert that can help you recover. The second is because medical records and documentation will be required when filing your claim or personal injury lawsuit.

Get Referred to a Therapist - Accidents aren’t just physically painful, they can have a negative impact on you mentally as well. After you’ve been through such a traumatic experience, it may be wise to visit a therapist. They can help you sort through the emotions of the accident, your current condition, and adjusting to your life as a result. It can be very therapeutic and prevent mental illnesses like anxiety, PTSD, or depression.

Take Care of Yourself - Though this is a lot for anyone to go through, you shouldn’t give up on caring for yourself daily. Make sure you’re eating three well-balanced meals, getting at least 8 hours of sleep, exercising as you are allowed, and following the doctor’s orders to a tee. This will help to speed up your recovery efforts.

Accidents can rip into your life like you never imagined. In just a few seconds, life as you know it can change temporarily or forever. When you’ve suffered significant injuries like brain, neck, and back, or spine injuries it can result in long-term health problems and ongoing treatments. It also means the inability to complete your job duties and carry on a “normal” life. If you or someone you know was recently involved in an accident and sustained injuries, use the advice above to start putting the pieces of your life back together.

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