Monday, August 6, 2018

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormone imbalances can be one of the most tricky things to diagnose accurately because of the wide range of symptoms that a person can experience if their hormones are imbalanced. In addition, hormone imbalances can lead to other disorders, such as depression, that can make it even more complex to get diagnosed. Luckily, once you are diagnosed properly there are ways to help get your body back in balance and keep things under control. This article will discuss some of the reasons you may be prescribed HRT and what you can expect from this type of treatment.

Reasons for HRT

There are many reasons that a doctor or specialist may prescribe hormone replacement therapy (HRT). As women age, their bodies produce less of certain hormones, which can lead to bone density loss and other issues. HRT is generally prescribed around the time they hit menopause in order to keep levels of things like estrogen high and prevent complications in the future. HRT can also be prescribed if an individual is planning to undergo a sex change. This can help their body adjust and make the desired changes over time.

Benefits and Risks of HRT

At first, it may be difficult to determine the correct dose your body needs for HRT. This can be frustrating or annoying, but once this hurdle is passed you can start to see the benefits of HRT. The benefits include higher bone density, which minimizes the risk of a fracture. You may also see a decrease in depression and your risk for heart disease will drop. The medications are typically continued as long as the prescriber feels necessary and are usually at the lowest effective dose for you.

As this article shows, there are some great reasons that you may need to begin hormone replacement therapy. You will need to work closely with a doctor and describe any and all symptoms you are experiencing so that the right treatment plan can be formed. Lastly, an hrt consultation may be scheduled to discuss concerns, lab values, and what your next steps look like.

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