Friday, August 3, 2018

Hair Loss? No more!

No More Loss
Losing hair can be a difficult situation to deal with, not to mention embarrassing and possibly even heartbreaking. Some people view their hair as a major aspect of their identity and it can be crushing to see it slowly fading. That's what makes something like a prp hair loss treatment such a great option. This article will discuss what this treatment is and who it may be ideal for.

What is it?

PRP stands for platelet rich plasma and this is used to help replace lost hair. The PRP comes from the patient, typically drawn out just as any other normal blood draw would occur. The blood sample is then put into what's called a centrifuge, which spins the blood and separates out the red blood cells and the platelet-containing plasma. The platelets are then given to the person via an injection in their scalp. The reason this treatment works is that the plasma is loaded with growth factors and this helps trigger new growth in the area that they are injected into.

Who is it for?

Prp hair loss treatment is a great option for most people who are experiencing hair thinning or complete hair loss. There are some risks, such as pain or irritation at the blood draw and injection sites, but this is minimal and temporary. In addition, ice packs can be used to decrease pain after a blood draw. The key thing to remember is that this treatment requires regular sessions, as consistency will provide you with the best results. You may also be referred to specialists that can help determine the cause of your hair loss and provide you with additional ways to tackle the problem concurrently with the PRP treatments.

Hopefully, this article gave you a better insight into what PRP treatments are and how they can help you manage hair loss. This problem may seem difficult to deal with, but there are many ways to treat it and to help you regrow the hair that you have lost.

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