Monday, August 13, 2018

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After a long day at work or hours spent tackling life's to-do lists, we're all looking for the best way to de-stress and relax. In other words, we all need our "me" time.

For some this might mean cuddling up on the couch for a Netflix binge, and for others it may mean diving into a good book. While there's no one right answer, my recent go-to has been the Confetti Casino slots game.

It’s a new, free Vegas-style slots game you can play on your mobile device. Confetti Casino is a like a fun party being thrown just for you that only gets better as you keep playing. Whether you've played a slots game before or not, I'm going to explain why Confetti Casino has become my new obsession in three simple reasons.

1. The game looks amazing
To start, the game offers a variety of slots themes for you to escape into, including 88 Riches, Road to Oz, Tumbling Tikis, Legend of Zeus, Miami Millionaire, Confetti Cupcakes, Ice Queen, and Pharaoh’s Phoenix. While Tumbling Tikis is my personal favorite, with Tikis and a relaxing beach design, every theme is filled with stunning graphics, so you won't be disappointed no matter which one you choose. However, if you like to keep things classic, Confetti Casino also offers single line Vegas slot machines with bars and lucky 777s. Dazzling designs galore, you will never get bored with this app!

2. You win BIG
To set the scene, Confetti Casino awards you 5,000,000 FREE Welcome credits. On top of that, you can add up to 8,000,000 credits to your purse just by spinning the free daily bonus wheel. Then, once you are playing, every spin offers you the chance to win a mega jackpot of up to 1.1 billion credits. When you hit a Mega Win, you can see yourself looking rather famous in the app's lobby. It’s really fun and no other slots app feels like this.

3. Hanging out with your friends
While similar gaming apps allow you to "tune out" from your daily stresses, they often come with a social cost of separation, diverting all your attention away from your loved ones. But what makes Confetti Casino unique is that it includes a built-in social network, making it easy to hang out and play with your friends and family. The app also encourages you to build up new connections and make new friends with other players you come across by having you send and receive cute HeartGrams for in-game rewards like bonus XP and free credits.

Exciting and relaxing, Confetti Casino has quickly become my happy getaway to relax during the day when the stresses pile up. I love it, and I think you will love it too. Come join me at the slots by downloading Confetti Casino for free here. The app can also be downloaded for free at Apple’s app store, the Google Play store, and Amazon’s app store. To learn more about the company that makes Confetti Casino, check out the Fort Mason Games website at

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